Atlantic City

3501 Boardwalk Unit C201, Sullivan, John to Keares, Demetrius, Keares, Dana; 4/29/2013. $63,000

1261 N. Ohio Ave., Infinity Real Estate Inv. LLC, Kennedy, Alexander to REM Real Estate LLC; 4/29/2013. $30,000

452 N. Albany Ave., Levin, Nelson to Minkcoat LLC; 4/30/2013. $300,000

66 Chelsea Court, Tohill, Cynthia M. to Tabaac, Bradley, Tabaac, Marla; 5/1/2013. $289,000

1522 Madison Ave., Cross, Adam, Cross, Alice to Cross State Builders LLC; 5/1/2013. $57,500

719 N. Michigan Ave., Husaeen, Ak, Husaeen, Iqbal to Rahim, Mohammed A.; 5/1/2013. $30,000

41 and 43 N. Virginia Ave., Abacus Credit Corp. to Craig 5 LLC; 5/1/2013. $107,000

1424 Mediterranean Unit C, Brooks, Neuza M. Golding, Golding, Richard to Lee, Janice; 5/1/2013. $42,000

600 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Richards, George A., Richards, Tyrone A. to Cornerstone Properties and Inv. LLC; 5/3/2013. $25,000


302 Dolphin Ave., Gabucan, Maximo, Gabucan, Clarissa S. to Berkowitz, Steven, Coxe, Angela M.; 4/29/2013. $497,500

331-B S. 41st St., Wolf, Michael B. to Sabara, Eric, Sabara, Jody; 4/29/2013. $215,000

205 Fourth St. N. Unit B, Ebastian, Kenneth, Sebastian, Kathleen to Lassen, Nancy B. G., Venditto, Carol A.; 4/29/2013. $349,900

1018 N. Shore Drive, Caputo, Eugene to 1018 Brig LLC; 4/30/2013. $228,000

222 11th St. S., Manley, William J., Manley, Bernadette to Cascia, Patricia, Cascia, Joseph; 5/1/2013. $360,000

422 Seahorse Road, Celano, Vanessa E., Scavetti, Vanessa E., Celano, Salvatore to Fama, William L., Fama, Adriana C.; 5/3/2013. $280,000


14 W. Delilah Road, Villanueva, Miguel A. to Notaro Bros. Inv. LLC; 4/29/2013. $23,800

1155 McConnell Drive, Martin, Doris M., Jacoby, Bruce, Martin, George to Chrisp, Myron P.; 5/1/2013. $99,000

225 W. Leeds Ave., Polcou, Elizabeth J. to Benjamin, Oneal E.; 5/1/2013. $62,000

225 W. Leeds Ave Unit 54, Giovanelli, Joan, Giovanelli, Robert to Aristizabal, Luis, Aristizabal, Lynn; 5/2/2013. $45,000

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