Atlantic City

2834 Atlantic Ave. 208, Smith Cathleen M, Holton Cathleen M to Hart Kenneth A; 1/7/2013. $37,000

4401 Atlantic Ave. Unit B2, Blanco Mario L, Blanco Nelia to Petkova Pepi, Stefanova Petkova Iliana; 1/7/2013. $108,000

25 N. Newton Ave., Mattia Arthur to Villari Heidi; 1/7/2013. $260,000

3801 Atlantic Ave. Unit C2, Hoang Tue Linh, Su Shu Xin to Pollack John, Sablich Lois; 1/9/2013. $51,000

3920 South Blvd. Ave. Unit A, Villano Kathleen to Geiwitz Rae, Hamilton Mary G; 1/9/2013. $110,000

30 N. Harrisburg Ave., Hamaty Gregory, Hamaty Mary to Romero Severino, Natividad Romero Teresita, Romero Teresita Natividad; 1/10/2013. $25,000

2834 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1110, Bank Of America Na to Repaka Manik, Repaka Prasanti; 1/11/2013. $27,000

550 N. Harrisburg Ave., Ray Thomas H, Ray Annabelle P to Dev Babul K, Chowdhury Mamuny; 1/11/2013. $190,000


107 E. Brigantine Ave. Unit 104, Csm Pacific Llc, White Michael to Pogue Brenda, Pogue Clifford; 1/10/2013. $210,000

1216 W. Beach Ave., Hayes Jay Darin, Hayes Kimberly L to Cameron Robert K, Cameron Mariann C; 1/10/2013. $562,500

300 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 110, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard Pc to Myers David, Myers Jessica; 1/10/2013. $131,760

5116 Ocean Drive South, Czarnecki Joseph E, Czarnecki Nancy S, Joseph E Czarnecki Rev Tr to Pitzel Matthew E, Pitzel Andrea, Matthew Pitzel Tr; 1/11/2013. $500,000

107 E. Brigantine Ave. Unit 103, Csm Pacific Llc, White Michael to Shemonsky Martin M, Shemonsky Betty L; 1/11/2013. $232,500


1518 Sixth Ave., Goodlin Soonyong K, Kim Ryangee, Lee Toni, Lee Jung, Yi Jung Lee, Lee Sun, American Express Travel Related Serv Co, Jpmorgan Chase Bk Na, Celli And Leto Llp, Celli Rudolph L, Midland Funding Llc to Shore Management Co Of Delaware Valley Inc; 1/10/2013. $29,813

908 Wesley Ave., Logan Floretta S, Logan Ben, Sutton Bailey Karen to Henriquez Luis A; 1/11/2013. $60,000

30 N. Main St., Mental Health Assn In Nj Inc to Arias Oliva; 1/11/2013. $55,000

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