Atlantic City

407 N. Ohio Ave., Persaud, David to Sanchez, Julio; 1/2/2014. $50,000

1014 N. Ohio Ave., Deutsche Bank, First Franklin Mtg Loan, Bank of America to Musser, Michael D., Musser, Susan A.; 1/6/2014. $22,500

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1650 N. Michigan Ave., Boustani, Elias to Nammour, Issa, Nammour, Nimer; 1/3/2014. $43,000

3101 Boardwalk 3306 Tower 11, Naccari, Frank to Misrahi, Jason, Misrahi, Evan; 1/6/2014. $215,000

31 S. Chalfonte Ave., Rem Real Estate LLC, Manhn, Mitchell to Nuygen, Wynn Q.; 1/6/2014. $48,800

524 N. Trenton Ave., Prokop, Gregory M. to Prokop, John G.; 1/6/2014. $50,000

101 S. Plaza Place Unit 1212, Wise, Anne, Wise, Gilbert to Ruddy, Thomas; 1/7/2014. $100,000

100 S. Berkeley St. No. 5G, Paul, Elaine J., Paul, Deborah, Paul, Abraham to Mincer, Michael, Mincer, Sara; 1/7/2014. $195,000

4020 Ventnor Ave., Montero, Hugo R. Lora, Lora, Pablo to Tran, Loi H., Nguyen, Dan N.; 1/7/2014. $80,000

19 S. Ohio Ave., Atlantic City Country Club 1 LLC to Casino Reinvestment Dev. Auth.; 1/7/2014. $125,000

17 S. Ohio Ave., Atlantic City Country Club 1 LLC to Casino Reinvestment Dev. Auth.; 1/7/2014. $146,161

2 N. Brighton Ave., Pham, Kim, Nguyen, King to Atlantic Properties and Holdings LLC; 1/8/2014. $269,000

1417 N. Michigan Ave., Vantium Reo Capital Markets LP, Franklin Credit Mgmt. Corp. to Amirco Group LLC; 1/8/2014. $38,500

118 S. Newton Ave., Raphel, Murray, Raphel, Ruth, Gordon, Milton, Gordon, Shirley to Lavinsky, Linda S., Fishkin, Adria, Lavinsky, Adam; 1/9/2014. $820,000

4006 Filbert Ave., Pezzotta, Alex, Pezzotta, Maria to Corabi, Vincent, Corabi, Nicole, Corabi, Antonio, Corabi, Maria Cecelia; 1/9/2014. $77,000

3101 Boardwalk 601 Tower 1, Collins, Gloria, Collins, Eduardo to Harrell, Tom; 1/9/2014. $100,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 819, Manoogian, Michael, Manoogian, Dianna to Kreider, Allen; 1/9/2014. $62,000


314 20th St., Michel, Ursula E., Michel, Ursula to Waldron, Henry E., Mora, Diane S.; 1/2/2014. $710,000

Block 106 Lots 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, Narberth Property Acquisition LLC, Royal Bank America to Brigantine Point Prop LLC; 1/2/2014. $433,333

107 24th St. S., McQuade, Edgar Scott to Distefano, Scott, Distefano, Laura; 1/6/2014. $215,000

1311 Sheridan Blvd., Kumkumian, Aram M., Kumkumian, Barbara to 1311 Sheridan Boulevard LLC; 1/7/2014. $107,000

825 W. Shore Drive, McPherson, Maureen to Downing, Edward T., Downing, Lori J.; 1/7/2014. $213,000

320 19th St. S., Furer, Walter G., Furer, Darnell F. to Magnotta, Carmen J., Magnotta, Tracy Ann; 1/7/2014. $550,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd. Unit B4, Benigno, Anthony J., Benigno, Ann to Housing Program Dev Corp; 1/7/2014. $66,000

4500 Brigantine Ave. No. 2413, Ann E. Moran Rev Livivng Trust to Joshi, Samuel, Carlin, Lisa; 1/8/2014. $245,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd. Unit H-10, Marchi, Anne Marie to Caponegro, Arthur; 1/8/2014. $60,000

313 W. Brigantine Ave. No. 1, Lindline, Catherine, Graham, Walter J., Gannon, Mary Rita to Cooke, Shaun, Cooke, Jillian; 1/9/2014. $206,500

107 Putnam Place, Fiorello, Suzanne to Hess, Davis W., Hess, Deborah Browning; 1/9/2014. $599,000

244 34th St. S., Napolitano, Michael J., Napolitano, Tina to Warner, Thomas Shawn, Warner, Kimberly H.; 1/9/2014. $317,500


914 Woodside Ave., Shore Management Co. of Delaware Valley Inc. to Ross, Amira N.; 1/6/2014. $120,000

108 W. Thompson Ave., Ward, Alice Mae, Ward, Timothy Neal to Mueses, Juana, Adon, Juan C. Mueses; 1/9/2014. $140,000

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