Atlantic City

3917 Winchester Ave., Hare, Rosie to Nguyen, Dave, Vu, Thuong; 5/7/2013. $58,000

233 S. Victoria Ave., Karim, Khang, Nguyen, Thach Duy, Nguyen, Tin to Casino Reinvestment Dev. Auth.; 5/7/2013. $86,000

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4501 Atlantic Ave. Unit B1, Huberman, Stanley to Raab, Abraham A., Raab, Kathleen S.; 5/8/2013. $46,500

21 Anchorage Court Unit A, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Wells Fargo Bank NA Riverview Mortgage to Santiago, David, Santiago, Annette; 5/8/2013. $90,000

28 Delancy Place, Li, Zhi Xiong, Li, Suk Kuen, Li, Huan Ping to Liang, Yan Wen, Chen, Yu Lan; 5/8/2013. $200,000

1401 McKinley Ave., Nammour, Issa, Nammour, Nimer to Laundry Equipment Systems Inc.; 5/8/2013. $120,000

622 Kentucky Ave., Pennymac Corp., Pennymac Loan Serv. LLC to Yacoub, Monnir S.; 5/9/2013. $25,500

347 N. Richmond Ave., Goff, Gregory, Ponzio, Virginia to Mozammel, Shima Siddik, Mozammel, Mahamudul A.; 5/10/2013. $146,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 804-1, Fannie Mae to McLean, James; 5/10/2013. $116,000

100 S. Berkley Ave. Unit 11G, Brandow, Manuel D., Brandow, Renee to Metzger, Stuart A., Metzger, Ruth D., Metzger Living Trust; 5/10/2013. $220,000

100 S. Berkley Ave. Unit 10G, Segen, Barry W., Sherman, Mary L. to Daniels, Alan, Daniels, Phyllis; 5/10/2013. $220,000


53 Sailfish Drive, Fannie Mae to Musto, Brian V.; 5/6/2013. $166,167

3219 Bayshore Ave., Gonzales, Estelita A., Gonzales, Alvin to Kelly, Kevin P., Kelly, Roberta J; 5/6/2013. $100,000

108 Sixth St. S., Graham, Patricia A. to WT Hannan Contractors LLC; 5/6/2013. $137,500

713 E. Beach Ave., Brentari, Herbert J., Brentari, Joanne L. to Brandolisio, Frank, Brandolisio, Herbert J.; 5/6/2013. $225,000

8 Harbor Beach Cove, Boeddeker, Theodor J., Boeddeker, Ingrid K. to Martz, Gary R., Martz, Tarrin M.; 5/8/2013. $312,500

265 40th St. S., Kent, Stephen to Collins, Kenneth E., Choi, So Man; 5/8/2013. $335,000

138 44th St. S., Martz, Gary R., Martz, Tarrin M. to Anastasia, Brian, Anastasia, Lisa; 5/8/2013. $225,000

211 Fourth St. S. Unit A, Fenerty, Shawn F., Fenerty, Margaret M. to Simonini, Larry James, Simonini ,Theresa; 5/9/2013. $220,000

213 Eighth St. N. Unit A, Dijoseph, Rose, Dijoseph, Gerardo to Kalemis, Lazaros, Kalemis, Angela; 5/10/2013. $275,000

127 11th St., Moore, Sarah L. to Abrams, Jeffrey; 5/10/2013. $126,000


314 Chestnut St., Fannie Mae to South Jersey Inv. 1 LLC; 5/8/2013. $38,000

4 E. Thompson Ave., Bernhard, Robert, Bernhard, Joseph, Degroodt, Charles K., Degroodt, Theresa to Rodriquez, Francisco J.; 5/10/2013. $120,000

710 S. New Road, Jackson, Lindsay T., Jackson, Mamie G., Debaptist, Morganza A. to Contreras, Genaro; 5/10/2013. $65,000

700 Church St., Amaya, Oscar, Medina, Armando to Figueroa, Pablo, Figueroa, Daiana; 5/10/2013. $110,000

1104 Shane Court, Cipriani, Natividad to Maran Properties LLC; 5/10/2013. $121,000


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