Atlantic City

101 N. Chelsea Ave., Carlson Patricia A, Bernard M Soto Irrevocable Trust II, Soto Bernard M to Soto Bernard F; 11/3/2012. $120,000

3920 S Blvd. Unit B, Locker Dorothy M to Hackney Constant; 11/5/2012. $80,000

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425 N. New Hampshire Ave., Stone Lawrence to Diones Fragante, Diones Susan; 11/5/2012. $180,000

3501 Pacific Ave. Unit 76, Kreger Scott, Kreger Warunee to Yap Elsa; 11/5/2012. $34,000

108 S. Montpelier Ave. Unit 309, Harris Evelyn, Harris Allen J to Kouzi Jack, Kouzi Pearl; 11/5/2012. $44,000

101 N. Rhode Island Ave., Lopez Edwin to Nammour Nimer, Nammour Issa; 11/7/2012. $125,000

526 Pacific Ave. Apt 905, Crystal Iris, Hammer Larry, Wang Lin Poo, Bleznick Barbara to Callazzo Properties LLC; 11/7/2012. $155,000

117 N. Vermont Ave., Peters Gisela V to Mohammad Jan; 11/8/2012. $135,000

2500-02 Arctic Ave., Caputo Guido, Caputo Brothers, Caputo Vincenzo to Polanco Leonidas; 11/9/2012. $350,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2906-1, Rinaldi Real Estate Co LLC, Rinaldi Alfred C to Byrne Margaret P; 11/9/2012. $200,000

3101 Boardwalk Ave. Unit 1503-B, Pavlov Boris to 50 By 50 Reo III LLC; 11/9/2012. $288,766

1260 Penrose Ave., Gassis Alex, Gassis Alexandros C to Woods Jacqueline R; 11/9/2012. $230,000


4120-B Atlantic Brigantine Blvd., Lauer Rhonda H to Bunting Thomas J, Bunting Tammy L; 11/5/2012. $455,000

3007 Bayshore Ave. Unit No. 6, Polizzi John, Polizzi Barbara to Evgeniadis Thomas, Evgeniadis Vasiliki; 11/5/2012. $205,000

133 Sixth St., Schimony Robert D, Humbrecht Diane to Cospito Pamela; 11/5/2012. $270,000

4500 W. Brigantine Ave No. 1327, Zaki Radi, Blair Laura to Schellace Frank N, Levine Schellace Debra; 11/7/2012. $370,000

403 Albacore Lane, Pollack Mary Lou, Mary Lou Pollack Liv Tr to Kroll Matthew M, Kroll Amber L; 11/7/2012. $338,500

47 Cummings Place, McDermott Michael, McDermott Patricia to Cooke Patrick Joseph; 11/7/2012. $274,000

1302 Ray Ave., Distefano Scott, Distefano Laura to Santarpio James, Santarpio Sheila; 11/7/2012. $347,500

301 28th St. South, Ceresani John V, Ceresani Mary A to Quin Elaine B; 11/9/2012. $185,000

100 27th St. South, Donofrio Deana M to Carl Kathleen; 11/9/2012. $359,000

309 Fourth St. South, Frenchman Robert H to Weiss Ronald P; 11/9/2012. $750,000

203 E. Brigantine Ave. No. 209, Joyce Peter M to Bilotti Renee B; 11/9/2012. $165,000


126 W. Reading Ave., Chavez Angel to Wang Zi Ping, Wang Xin Yin; 11/3/2012. $50,000

312 E. Bayview Ave., Caruso Caroline to Agostini Paul, Agostini Sharon; 11/5/2012. $45,000

127 E. Bayview Ave., Ramos Eligio, Ramos Ricarda to Marmolejo John H, Garces Berrio Luz E, Berrio Luz E Garces; 11/5/2012. $89,000

611 Oneida Ave., White Rashon, White Alicia to Gold Lilly Group Llc; 11/7/2012. $92,500


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