Atlantic City

4038 Anndover Gardens, McGillian, Joseph P., McGillian, Renee to Bhuiyan, Abu Sufian; 2/3/2014. $63,000

20 S. Bellevue Ave., Bhuiyan, Siraj U., Begum, Shameem A. to Joseph, Alex; 2/3/2014. $51,500

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1830 N. Michigan Ave., Atlantic City Housing Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency to Clegg, William; 2/5/2014. $105,000

21 N. Pennsylvania Ave., PSJ Investment Group LLC, Agnellini, Pacifico S. to Alley Cad Assoc. LP; 2/5/2014. $275,000

2834 Atlantic Ave., Shact, Iris T. Foley to Brighton Towers Condo Assn.; 2/7/2014. $39,268

3817 Ventnor Ave., Ilvento, Andrew L. to Glenn, Albert; 2/7/2014. $55,000


806 Bayshore Ave., Olivieri, Melissa to Hassinger, Joshua David, Hassinger, Lauren Marie; 2/3/2014. $380,000

401 W. Brigantine Ave., Manucci, Noreen A. to CPCJF LLC; 2/4/2014. $580,000

402 E. Evans Blvd., Smink, John P., Smik, Anne to Geronimo Properties LLC; 2/7/2014. $116,000


211 Noahs Landing, Arias, Jorge M. to Valmar Properties LLC; 2/3/2014. $25,000

408 Montclair Drive, Bank of NY Mellon, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to O'Donoghue, Joseph; 2/3/2014. $30,000

3 W. Ridgewood Ave., Ricks, Anita L. to Kreger, Scott; 2/4/2014. $15,000

1 W. Ridgewood Ave., Ricks, Anita, Mooney, Sarah E. to 149 W. Thompson Ave. LLC; 2/4/2014. $42,000

224 Chalfonte Ave., Shore Management Co. of Delaware Valley Inc. to Fermin, Henry, Barralaga, Karla; 2/5/2014. $124,900

33 N. First St., U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Suibate, Lidia; 2/5/2014. $55,000

40 W. Pleasant Ave., Runkle, Gregory L., Ritchie, Jeffrey W. to Abdelkader, Hesham; 2/5/2014. $74,900

1311 Jefferson Ave., Leslie, Ello L., Martin, Raymond D. to Gonzales, Belinda D.; 2/6/2014. $115,000

715 New Maple Road, Ruzzo, Michael to Perez, Carlos, Roque, Selene; 2/7/2014. $124,000

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