Atlantic City

1513 Boardwalk No. 2, Khemchandani Jyoti M, Sham Lata S, Advani Veena J to Blue Elephant Co LLC; 8/27/2012. $395,000

313 Grammercy Place, Mark So Ying, Mark Allen to Kashem Mohamed A, Kashem Farashadia; 8/27/2012. $107,000

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27 N. Jackson Ave., Xie Jin H to Saeed Faisal; 8/28/2012. $195,000

317 Grammercy Place, Serrano Alexis to Ayala Maria; 8/28/2012. $45,000

100 S Berkley 11G, Dalpra Pamela, Cassett Ada to Brandow Manuel D, Brandow Renee; 8/28/2012. $195,000

26 Barkentine Court, Schaeffer Michele C to Mason Maralyn; 8/28/2012. $115,000


200 Lafayette Place, Spigelmeyer Kim C, Spigelmeyer Patricia I to Lucas Joseph E, Hobson Lucas Judy O; 8/27/2012. $284,100

4500 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 2418, Egberts George to Steinberg Barry, Steinberg Dorothy, Steinberg Turba; 8/28/2012. $218,000

545 Caverly Drive, Morrone James D, Morrone Maria to Tobias Robert, Tobias Robin; 8/31/2012. $335,000

320 28th St., Neubert Audrey to 320 28th St LLC; 8/31/2012. $420,000


325 W. Wright St., Atfh Real Prop Llc to Howard Ernest; 8/28/2012. $20,000

141 W. Lindley Ave., Roman Ramirez Sebastian, Sanchez Nieves to Delcarmen Garcia Lenis Maria; 8/29/2012. $110,000

1028 Neumark Ave., Johnson Norma, Johnson Eric A, Johnson Carolyn to 1028 Neumark LLC; 8/30/2012. $56,000

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