Atlantic City

29 N. Dover Ave., Pomerico, Ralph A. to Tran, Vu, Chen, Xiao; 12/9/2013. $130,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 720, Orfanelli, Rosanne to Rose, Amy, Laubis, Timothy; 12/9/2013. $110,000

22 S. North Carolina Ave., 24 S. North Carolina Ave., 25 S. Chalfonte Ave., Orsatti, Joseph M., Armao, Agnes M. Orsatti to Gardyn, Robert; 12/10/2013. $212,500

3915 Winchester Ave., Kreschuk, Dorothy Ann, Dodick, Helen C. to Huyen, Phan Tran Huynh, Vu, Ngoc, Vu, Tien; 12/10/2013. $50,000

40 N. Stenton Place, Ortiz, Juventina to Yacoub, Gamilla; 12/12/2013. $72,500

2721 Boardwalk Unit 915, Ritz Condominium Assn. Inc, to Kreider, Allen; 12/13/2013. $67,400

2721 Boardwalk, Mitrani, Victor, Mitrani, Barbara to Martin, George; 12/13/2013. $84,000


2100 Bayshore Ave., Haven Homes Builders LLC, Rote, David Scott to Hirst, Kenneth C., Hirst, Carmen; 12/9/2013. $775,000

547 Caverly Drive, Boegner, Carl A., Boegner, Jean A. to Wineland, Mandy; 12/9/2013. $185,000

101 Seventh St. N. Unit B, Flynn, Michael J. to Yacovone, Michael R., Yacovone, Kathleen D.; 12/9/2013. $311,000

4103 Ocean Ave., Jasper, Claire, Jasper, Dino G. to Khodak, Andrei E., Khodak, Elena; 12/10/2013. $535,000

2425 Bayshore Ave., Raye, Irvin, Raye, Willia to Giammarco, Mario J., Giammarco, Barbara, Giammarco, Angela R.; 12/10/2013. $630,000

1400 W. Brigantine Ave., La Sammana Ventures LLC to Edmunds, Joyce A., Edmunds, Thomas R.; 12/10/2013. $28,500

542 Caverly Drive, Tanenbaum, Jason E. to Chou, Allen, Chou, Patricia L. Barsanti; 12/13/2013. $125,000


1146 N. Main St., Morillo, Thamara, Miranda, James to Marenco, Marcos, Marenco, Maria; 12/9/2013. $58,000

1012 Harrison Ave., Johnson, Bessie E., Green, Bessie E., Johnson, Troy to Ta Ja Real Estate Inv. LLC; 12/10/2013. $15,000

66 Tunis Ave., Christensen, Robert, Wehmeyer, Loretta, Christensen, Ruth to MRA Property Management LLC; 12/11/2013. $80,000

306 W. Pleasant Ave., Sanchez, Laura, Torres, Ramon E. to Paul, Sendie; 12/12/2013. $75,000

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