Atlantic City

533 N. New Jersey Ave., 533 North NJ Ave. LLC, to Pettit John T, Heffner Darcee; 3/9/2013. $40,000

28 S. Georgia Ave., New Vistas Corp, Labowz LLC to 3351 Pacific Ave. LLC; 3/9/2013. $325,000

1407 N. Ohio Ave., ATFH Real Prop LLC to Vanguard Investments Corp.; 3/25/2013. $15,000

3603 Winchester Ave., Residential Investments LLC, RMS Asset Mgmt LLC to Seguritan Cesar, Seguritan Teresita; 3/25/2013. $105,000

101 S. Raleigh Ave. Unit 613, Garber Albert, Garber Wendy, Garber Robert D. to 613 Raleigh LLC; 3/25/2013. $47,500

19 & 25 N. Trenton Ave., CJ Financial Assoc. Ltd, Cheralena LLC to 322 Corner LLC; 3/25/2013. $200,000

655 Absecon Blvd., Unit 1115, Fannie Mae to Unipro Property Group LLC; 3/25/2013. $27,000

517 N. Dr Martin Luther Blvd., Valstar Trade Group LLC, Antar Michael to Shayma Shaymlipy, Hossain Muhammed; 3/27/2013. $15,500

2721 Boardwalk, Unit 1715, Vozzi Jane to Dinapoli Michael, Dinapoli Rhonda; 3/28/2013. $435,000


619 E. Brigantine Ave., Unit 7, Coughlin Thomas to Kramer Arthur, Kramer Margaret; 3/28/2013. $102,500

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