Atlantic City

307 Atlantic Ave., Cohen Investment Llc, Cohen Barry R to Md Dad & Sons Apt Llc; 5/28/2013. $65,000

3101 Boardwalk Tower 1 Apt 807, Steigelfest Annette, Becker Adeline to Perlman Mark; 5/28/2013. $100,000

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116 N. Texas Ave., Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Hoang Kim; 5/29/2013. $50,000

32 Schooner Court, Schott Joseph L to Palmer Marceline J; 5/30/2013. $134,900


242 Third St. South, Hfd Associates Llc, Devincent Henry George to Trainor Edward P, Trainor Frances M; 5/28/2013. $845,000

17 Quay Blvd., Pham Jimmy, Le Linh T to Le Thanh Nhung, Le Da Dinh; 5/28/2013. $300,000

10 Beach Cove, Crest Construction Llc to Next Generation Ts Fbo Michael Snyder Ira 2273, Snyder Michael, Michael Snyder Ira 2273; 5/28/2013. $604,440

105 Lincoln Drive, Next Generation Ts Llc, Raskulinecz Jaime, Snyder Michael, Next Generation Ts Fbo Michael Snyder Ira 2273, Michael Snyder Ira 2273 to Reilly Charles P, Reilly Denise Marie; 5/28/2013. $620,000

242 Fourth St. South, Miller Daniel R, Miller Denise, Miller Michael, Miller Janice to Allentoff Howard, Allentoff Amy; 5/30/2013. $295,000

525 Risley Road, Gibbons John P, Gibbons Jane S, Vaganos Nicholas A, Vaganos Ellena L to Destefano James G, Destefano Kimberly A; 5/30/2013. $252,500


8 Newtowne Square Building 2 Apt. 8, Smith Paula, Boggs Clarence, Boggs Clarence to Mra Property Mgmt Llc; 5/28/2013. $27,500

514 W. Washington Ave., Kgm Properties Llc, Griffin Michael J to Famularo Joanne; 5/28/2013. $105,000

1160 N. New Road, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Redding Homes Llc; 5/29/2013. $63,100

105 Ryon Ave., Worthy Joseph to Peniel Group Llc; 5/30/2013. $56,000

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