Atlantic City

8 Spinnaker Way, Brady Adeline, Sciuto Marie, Sciuto Patricia to Redner Eric; 4/3/2013. $139,000

60 N. Maine Ave., Flagship Resort Unit 1404, Flagship Resort Dev. Corp. to Taylor, Edward J., Taylor, Deborah M.; 4/4/2013. $14,900

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29 S. Sovereign Ave., Hossain, Moazzem, Hossain, Mohammed Z. to Jaman, Akhtar U.; 4/4/2013. $140,000

33 S. Iowa Ave. Unit B3, Dorly LLC, Peluso, John S. to Krantz, Samuel; 4/5/2013. $32,500

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2706-2, Marakowitz, Augustinus F. to Pease Weber, Barbara; 4/5/2013. $135,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1514-2, Natoli, Rita to Wehkoja, Robert, Wehkoja, Barbara; 4/5/2013. $205,000


600 W. Brigantine Blvd. Unit 316, Guttilla, Salvatore to Leonetti, Richard J., Leonetti, Cheryl; 4/1/2013. $345,000

707 Bobby Jones Road, Kapnick, Eric S., Fannie Mae to Latrella, Ralph; 4/1/2013. $264,000

122 44th St. S. Unit 122-B, Arndt, Diana, Arndt, Thomas to Marks, Jeanine, Marks, James; 4/1/2013. $210,000

16 Shipmaster Drive, McCullough, Shawn, Conte, Alphonse to Arndt, Diana, Arndt, Thomas A.; 4/2/2013. $230,000

4600 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 207, Dobes, George, Dobes, Lois to Michello, Janet; 4/2/2013. $205,000

323 44th St. S. Unit 131, Fiedler, John R., Weiss, Nathan F. to Marland, Robert A.; 4/2/2013. $224,500

197 40th St. S. Unit 52, Mihaela Mirea, Ligia to McCloskey, Thomas J., McCloskey, Cynthia; 4/2/2013. $160,000

124 A 44th St., Feret, Gregory, Feret, Marianne to Casee, Gregory M., Casee, Stephanie J.; 4/3/2013. $220,500


24 Ryon Ave., Espinoza, Hugo, Espinoza, Maria M. to Mendez, Jorge, Colon, Rosalind; 4/3/2013. $102,900

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