Atlantic City

2721 Boardwalk Unit 619, Lengyel Maria to Kennis Scott, Landau Kennis Debra, Kennis Debra Landau; 10/22/2012. $68,000

625 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Brooks Robert S., Brooks Lorna C. to Johnson Craig L.; 10/22/2012. $40,000

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101 S. Plaza No. 1410, Congregation Beth Israel to Erlich Eli, Erlich Maxine; 10/22/2012. $225,000

460 Connecticut Ave., Uddin Mohammed M., Uddin Mohammed Giash to Thelemaque Jean M.; 10/22/2012. $91,000

1605 Emerson Ave., Tivis Tierra Bernardine, Brookens Tivis Carter Bernardine, Tivis Carter Bernardine Brookens, Carter Bernardine Brookens Tivis to Kidd Emerson L.; 10/22/2012. $74,900

3313 Ventnor Terrace, Shapiro Diane L. to Salhi Aziz Z., Zeynelabidin Ayten; 10/23/2012. $25,000

119 N. Kingston Ave., Elias Mohammed to Kashem Abul, Hossain Mohammad A.; 10/23/2012. $128,550

2305 & 2307 Arctic Ave., Lucente Louis to Panah Mina; 10/23/2012. $341,000

735 Sewell Ave., Atlantic City Housing Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency to Couch Donald; 10/24/2012. $210,000

621 Carson Ave., Trophy Properties LLC., Shamy Joseph to Terrell Sherri; 10/24/2012. $525,000


1005 N. Shore Drive, Federici Theresa to Whitworth Linda; 10/22/2012. $70,000

2704 Revere Blvd., Smith Edmund R., Smith Edmund R., Smith Perkins Elizabeth M., Perkins Elizabeth M. Smith, Smith Elizabeth M. to Exceptional Properties Llc.; 10/22/2012. $380,000

100 25th St. So., Kelley Alison T., Kelley Maura Elizabeth, Kelley Hill Christina Marie, Hill Christina Marie Kelley, Kelly Thomas J., Kelley Bernard J., Kelly John P. to Canuso Carla; 10/22/2012. $295,000


1111 McKinley Ave., Davis Willie, Davis Eva to Desamours Jean R.; 10/23/2012. $17,000

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