Atlantic City

4401 Atlantic Ave. Unit B4, Vernile James and Vernile Janice to Kane Patrick; 7/30/2012. $225,000

100 S. Berkley Square Unit 11E, Slap David M, Slap Sandi and Slap Eve to Barrish Gilbert, Barrish Lois F; 7/31/2012. $279,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2511-1, Shore Management Co of Delaware Valley Inc to Udani Rajen and Udani Chitra; 8/1/2012. $475,000

25 S. Parker Ave., Tuccinardi Lorenzo, Mawhinney Luigia and Flanagan Maria to Chen Liu Ying and Lin Jian Ming; 8/1/2012. $100,000

2721 Boardwalk No. 412, Cheff Adeline R to Alexander Sam; 8/2/2012. $62,000


4019 W. Brigantine Ave., Pechmann Karen R, Abbott Craig, Abbott Kathleen, Pechmann Kurt W to Gallagher Patrick J, Gallagher Roseanne M; 8/1/2012. $280,000.00

800 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 104, Squittieri Leah and Squittieri Ralph A to Cooper John C and Cooper Teresa M; 8/2/2012. $107,000

3007 Bayshore Ave. No. 8, Marrone Cynthia S and Marrone Michael J to Page Marjorie and Page Michael; 8/3/2012. $245,000


225 W. Leeds Ave. Unit 102, Cerf Dean to Pacheco Carmen R; 8/1/2012. $60,000

24 Magnolia Place, Hubiak Patricia D, Zimmerman Kathleen D and Hubiak Walter to Haslam Tony; 8/3/2012. $71,400