Atlantic City

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1114 Tower II, Halligan Mary Jane, Halligan Eileen M, Quince Mary Ann to Free Margaret Mary, Quince Mary Ann; 9/17/2012. $225,000

709 Adriatic Ave., Ocean City Home Bk to 648 Wisteria Road LLC; 9/17/2012. $81,000.00

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23 N. Florida Ave. rear, Price Francis, Price Andrea to Guzman Sanchez Hector M, Sanchez Hector M Guzman; 9/17/2012. $80,000

111 S. California Ave., Greenspan H Barton, Myer S Shandelman Testamentary Tr, Shandelman Myer S, Litzer Sydney to Gabriel William H; 9/18/2012. $200,000

365 N. Dover Ave., Rich Joseph, Rich Dorothy to Ingenito Jerard; 9/18/2012. $204,000

29 N. Iowa Ave., Corsi Karen A to Tietje Craig A; 9/18/2012. $135,300

526 Pacific Ave. Unit 2007, Sklaroff Melvin L, Sklaroff Carol C to Espenshade Janet; 9/20/2012. $250,000

47 S. Aberdeen Ave., Cheung Yiu F, Cheung Maggie to Ali Jehangir, Ali Rayshma; 9/21/2012. $140,000

101 S. Raleigh Ave. No. 604, Mariano Richard to Brownstein Bruce K, Brownstein Rosa M; 9/21/2012. $105,000

2721 Boardwalk No. 208, Gutin Barry D, Gutin Suzanne M to Darienzo James, Garrett Carolyn B; 9/21/2012. $325,500

1438 Mediterranean Ave. C, Callender Mary E to Harrison Charlie; 9/21/2012. $39,000

112 S. Bartram Ave. Unit A, Sparano Joseph, Sparano Suzanne to Sweet Barry, Sweet Marcy A; 9/21/2012. $350,000


208 Fifth St. North, Givens Edward J, Givens Frances A to Sundaramoorthi Rajesh, Sundar Shilpa R; 9/18/2012. $500,000

446 Risley Road, Tucci Christopher Anthony, Tucci Marie to Vadino Christopher J, Vadino Lynn F; 9/19/2012. $177,638

3319 Ocean Ave., Tranovich Thomas S to Kates Pricilla F; 9/21/2012. $230,000


1037 Neumark Ave., Crespo Betty to Chorin George; 9/19/2012. $50,000

181-187 N. Main St., Labowz Abraham to Blanco Luis Eduardo; 9/20/2012. $70,000

410 W. Leeds Ave., Huynh Huong T to Nguyen Mai; 9/21/2012. $60,000

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