Atlantic City

124 N. Georgia Ave., Yu, Da Yun, Wang, Jun Qiang to Yacoub, Monnir S.; 5/11/2013. $44,000

21 N. Florida Ave., Rincon, Alberto, Rincon, Misley to Salhi, Aziz; 5/13/2013. $55,000

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4016 Ventnor Ave., Lau, Wai Keung, Ngan, Pei Y to Nguyen, Lyz; 5/13/2013. $350,000

Plaza Condominium Unit 9902, Mottola, Katie to Demarco, Susan M.; 5/14/2013. $114,000

4039 Ann Dover Gardens, Dunn, Joann, Diumberto, Joseph V., Diumberto, Doris to Dunn, James L.; 5/14/2013. $115,000

4 N. Texas Ave., Bloor, John T., Vaughn, Ruth C., McNamara, Thomas R., Marano, Lori, Marano, Gregory, Marano, Patrick, Marano, Dorothy R. to Marano, Gregory, Marano, Katherine, Marano, Lori, Marano, Patrick; 5/14/2013. $75,000

127 N. Georgia Ave., Rodriguez, Alberto to Nguyen, Son; 5/14/2013. $37,000

37 S. Iowa Ave. Unit 4E, Wang, Erin T. to Shah, Syed M.; 5/14/2013. $42,000

1341 Penrose Ave., Mendoza, Lewin, Barohona, Orlin to Zhang, Quan Jing; 5/14/2013. $74,550

101 S. Plaza Place Apt. 1508, Schwartz, David, Schwartz, Ira, Schwartz, Susan, Schwartz, Steven, Schwartz, Florence R., Schwartz, Max to Novelli, Phyllis P.; 5/15/2013. $169,000

37 Chelsea Court, RSSR Investments LLC, Green, Robert A. to Pogoda, Gary, Pogoda, Jaye; 5/15/2013. $337,500

32 S. Raleigh Ave., Bucceroni, Sonya, Bucceroni, Daniel to Verne, Joseph, Vernekoff, Lewis; 5/15/2013. $239,743

100 S. North Carolina Ave. Units 2201-2212 Fairfield Atlantic City-Skyline Tower, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc. to Brown, Marie Claire; 5/16/2013. $13,249


201 26th St. S., Cooney, Mary Elizabeth, Cooney, James F. to Lynch, Nancy; 5/11/2013. $385,000

717 Bayshore Ave. Unit 1, Weinstein, Stephen P., Weinstein, Rosalyn L. to Nylund, Ralph J., Nylund, Joyce E.; 5/11/2013. $535,000

34 Delmar Drive, PHH Mortgage Corp. to Sabaeva, Maria; 5/11/2013. $142,000

327 42nd St. S. Unit B, Monahan, Thomas C., Monahan, Gail M. to Baarda, Anthony H., Lang, Victoria W.; 5/16/2013. $400,000

4313 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 1, Kuders, Steven to Truesdell, Kenneth R., Truesdell, Victoria S.; 5/17/2013. $185,000

4224 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 15, Sciorillo, Edward S. to Galiano, Lawrence C.; 5/17/2013. $93,000

4200 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd. Unit D, Hagan, Mary Arena, Baker, Ramona Arena, Holt, Josephine Arena Holt Living Trust to Moore, William R., Moore, Helen E.; 5/17/2013. $300,000


833 Mill Road, Cape Bank to Drew Drew Prop. LLC; 5/11/2013. $890,000

16 Van Mar Ave., Torres, Elvin to Ferreras, Juan L. Polanco, Ferreras, Vasti Galvez; 5/14/2013. $76,500

326 Chestnut Ave., Sanchez, Henry A., Sanchez, Pedro A. to Campbell, Lennox G.; 5/14/2013. $82,500

49 Fox Run Drive, Tally, Verona to Poletis, Louis N., Poletis, Donna M.; 5/17/2013. $40,000

53 Tunis Ave., Jenkins, Fletcher F., Jenkins, Kate B. to Perez, Jose, Perez, Olga C.; 5/17/2013. $92,500

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