A giant ball on top of the building that seems to be unfinished. Exterior shots of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. Thursday, February, 9, 2012 (Press of Atlantic City, Danny Drake)

Danny Drake

Those who drive by the under-construction Revel casino are often quick to ask, “What is that ball on top of the building?”

Revel CEO Kevin DeSanctis finally discussed it Thursday during a media conference call, saying the sphere has been getting a lot of attention.

One rumor, he said, was that it will roll off the building onto the Boardwalk when it opens. DeSanctis said that is not true.

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He did say, however, that the sphere will be Revel’s signature.

“Basically, what we are doing up there … think of it as a piece of art,” he said. “Architecturally, the building has such a nice design, we didn’t want to mess that design up by plastering a name across it. So we wanted to do something … to really represent the brand.”

DeSanctis would not say whether the sphere would light up or what features it would offer.

“The problem creating something like that on top of the building is that it’s over 700 feet up, so we are pretty weather-sensitive (when it comes to construction),” he said. “It should be completed soon. And what you see now is not what it will look like when we activate the piece.”

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