The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is proudly offering rooms with a view … of the new Revel megaresort.

The much-touted opening Monday of Revel prompted the neighboring Taj Mahal to feature an unusual billboard on the Atlantic City Expressway.

“Great Views of Revel! $99 Room Rates at the Taj,” reads the billboard as drivers head into Atlantic City.

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The ad, slightly self-deprecating, plays on the casino’s location while highlighting lower room rates than those at the newest and largest competition.

In a way, the billboard addresses the 6.3-million-square-foot, $2.4 billion elephant in the room.

“Revel is too big physically and too prominent in the media to ignore. People know about it. So give the Taj Mahal credit for capitalizing on it,” said Joseph Weinert, senior vice president of Spectrum Gaming Group, a casino consulting firm based in Linwood.

“It creates an impression for people. It’s not your typical casino billboard,” he said.

The fact that the casino even mentions the competition is unique among the slew of billboards that tower over the expressway, let alone acknowledging its aesthetic appeal.

Revel’s Ocean Rooms start at $239 a night, according to its website. A Taj Tower Room is going for $99, according to listings on

A Taj Mahal representative could not be reached to comment on the billboard Monday.

Billboards are a part of the experience for anyone driving into Atlantic City, some flirting with racy images or touches of humor amid the more standard ones promoting bands, buffet deals, bonus slot play and cage fighting championships.

The newly renamed Atlantic Club Casino Hotel also has one of the more unusual billboards along the Expressway: “Great food at a price you won’t choke on.”

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