Below him, raging water churned like a giant cauldron, while mist enveloped him in a wind-whipped cloud.

But for Nik Wallenda, there was no turning back once he stepped out on the tightrope and began his perilous journey, step by step, over Niagara Falls.

“Once you start, you’re committed. Besides, where else was I going to go?” Wallenda said, punctuating his remarks with a wry laugh.

Wallenda ended on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls when he successfully completed his 1,550-foot, high-wire walk in front of a national television audience June 15. His next stop is Atlantic City, where he and members of his family will perform more thrilling stunts during a summer show at Tropicana Casino and Resort.

“I can promise you, it will be quite a spectacle,” Wallenda said during a news conference Monday to promote “Beyond the Falls: Nik Wallenda and the Wallenda Family Experience.”

The Wallenda show in Tropicana’s theater is scheduled to run from Aug. 12 to Sept. 22 and will feature a variety of acrobatics for which his family is famous, including high-wire acts and performers twirling on silk curtains suspended above the audience.

Wallenda is also planning a free public stunt outside Tropicana in early August, but he is not yet ready to divulge details. In April 2011, he thrilled hundreds of people on the Boardwalk by performing on the “Wheel of Death” a 50-foot spinning contraption attached to the exterior of Tropicana’s South Tower, 240 feet above the ground.

“Everything I do, I try to be unique. This will be unique, too,” the 33-year-old Wallenda said of his upcoming public performance.

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