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A former Atlantic City prostitute said she always knew when undercover investigations were going on at the Trump Taj Mahal — because a security manager told her.

James Curtis, 36, of Brigantine, was indicted this week on charges he forwarded an email about an undercover police detail targeting prostitition to the woman he knew worked as one, Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa announced Friday.

Curtis was arrested May 15, 2012, on charges of promoting prostitution and obstructing justice, but no formal announcement was made until Friday, two days after a grand jury indicted him. He was fired immediately from his job as a result, Chiesa said.

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“The job of a security manager is to protect casino patrons, not to impede an investigation into illegal activity within New Jersey’s casinos,” Chiesa said in a statement.

While the attorney general does not name the prostitute Curtis warned, Peggy Andrade provided email exchanges she had with Curtis showing that she was the one he told about planned “ID Details,” during which investigators would be asking for identification from anyone believed involved with prostitution or other suspicious activity.

“I think you want to read this!” writes Curtis in the forward he sent June 24, 2011, from his Taj Mahal email to one he apparently privately used under “Batman5201.” The email was then forwarded to Andrade, under the name “Emma Green.”

The original email was sent to various casinos from the State Police, explaining the operation. The Taj Mahal’s security director then forwarded it to Curtis and others.

“Please assist if and as needed, or, avoid if they are on a plainclothes detail looking to be solicited for sex or drugs,” the director wrote.

“Law enforcement needs to be able to share information between agencies without worrying that classified information will be leaked to investigation targets,” Division of Criminal Justice Director Elie Honig said in a statement.

Curtis is charged with two fourth-degree crimes, and has not been jailed. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 18 months each, although such charges can often result in no jail time. He also faces as much as a $10,000 fine.

But Andrade, 35, said this wasn’t the only time Curtis warned her — and that she also had sex with him in exchange for him allowing her to conduct “dates” in the casino.

“Whenever he knew something, he told me,” Andrade told The Press on Friday.

Then Andrade would do her own detective work, she said. Looking around to see if there were any officers she would recognize and then trying to memorize the faces of those she saw with them, assuming they too were working undercover.

Andrade said she went to the police last year after Curtis got a restraining order against her claiming she sent harassing texts. She denies that, and said the number they were sent from was not hers.

In an email exchange between Andrade and Curtis on March 19, 2012, Curtis says he is cutting off ties because he is worried about his wife and how he has lost everything because he trusted Andrade.

Andrade is currently fighting her placement on the casino exclusion list for her previous prostitution arrests. She said she wants to be able to go to the casinos because she enjoys gambling.

The email address Curtis used is not longer valid and a telephone number listed for him is not in service.

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