Bunny Shore has an extensive background in event planning.

The Atlantic City resident organized huge corporate events, picnics and fundraisers for more than 20 years. Shore said she even designed Oprah Winfrey's craft table in her movie "Beloved."

But she doesn't care about recognition. Her newest venture is an event she organizes for no personal gain, except the friendships she makes along the way.

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For the past two years, Shore has been organizing monthly bus trips out of Ventnor to New York City, with all the proceeds benefiting the Arc of Atlantic County, which advocates for and helps to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Not only do the trips benefit the Arc, they grant people an affordable way into the city. Once there, they can do anything they want.

"Life is hard. A lot of people have to work, and a lot of people have to save up to go on these trips," Shore said. "The profit margin is not very large, but it brings to people a great deal of happiness."

Shore said people of all ages take advantage of the bus trips, and she admits to playing a matchmaking game on the bus, which results in many new friendships.

"Even the bus driver, who just retired, said the sorriest day of his life was when he could no longer drive our bus," Shore said.

But for Shore, the decision to donate to the Arc was personal - a member of her family has intellectual disabilities. Shore said she once went to a presentation the Arc hosted, and she was deeply impressed with the way the Arc improved the lives of children and young adults with disabilities.

"The (donations) go directly to children and young adults at the Arc," Shore said. "That's what's really important - making a difference with those children and young adults forever."

The buses are always filled, Shore said, with excited people traveling to the city and people clapping on the way home. In her 50 years of working, Shore said, she never once received a thank-you note. Now, she receives them frequently, as well as requests for information about volunteering at the Arc.

"There's a lot of stories on that bus," Shore said. "For little places like Ventnor, Margate and Longport, bringing all of these people together is a lifetime experience."

Contact Devin Loring:


If you go


NYC bus trips


One Wednesday and one Sunday every month, through July


The bus leaves from the tennis courts on Somerset and Atlantic Avenues. in Ventnor.

More info:

For tickets and more information, call Bunny Shore at 609-428-6150.


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