Looking for a way to empower young women to make positive life decisions, Indra Owens, a guidance counselor at Pleasantville High School, has launched the Princess Zone Hotline.

The hotline is a free helpline that connects young women ages 13-22 with older women who are trained to offer positive advice, reinforcement and encouragement to help get through life's rough patches.

"It's not necessarily a crisis line. It's more an empowerment hotline," Owens said.

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A hypothetical caller may be having trouble fitting in with a certain group of girls at school or have a boyfriend who is pressuring her to engage in sexual activity, she said.

As a high school guidance counselor, Owens said she has noticed many young women have want to talk to an adult, but they fear being judged.

"We don't judge," she said.

The hotline hours are posted online at princesszone.pockethotline.com, along with photo and information about the operator currently on call.

The Princess Zone Hotline also is seeking additional volunteer operators.

"The hotline won't run if we don't have operators to run it," Owens said.

"It's a great way to be actively involved in something that gives back to community. but takes little commitment. You don't have to go anywhere, you just have to


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How to help

To volunteer as an operator, call Indra Owens at 609-287-4535 or visit princesszone.pockethotline.com. Counseling, social work or ministerial experience is preferred, but not required. A full training and psychiatric exam is expected of all candidates.

Young women who need the hotline should call 866-540-0046.

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