ATLANTIC CITY — Last-ditch efforts to delay the layoffs of 93 city employees failed Wednesday, with city, state and county officials telling labor leaders there was nothing that could be done.

The layoffs, which include 40 police officers and 30 firefighters, will take effect this morning.

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In the last two weeks, the unions’ hope to avoid job cuts went from promising to non-existent — after the state’s Department of Community Affairs informed the Langford administration it would not allow the city to exceed annual property tax increase limits by $9.9 million. Instead, the state began seeking an agreement to increase the state’s oversight of Atlantic City’s financial management.

Representatives of the city’s government unions hoped they could entice stakeholders to delay the layoffs until after Mayor Lorenzo Langford and Gov. Chris Christie meet on Monday to work on an agreement. But Robert O’Brien, an attorney representing the majority of city unions, said he came up empty on all fronts.

“There’s no sense in demonizing anyone, but this is really unconscionable,” O’Brien said in a soft, defeated voice.

O’Brien said he spoke with Thomas Neff, deputy commissioner of the DCA, who said there would be no decision on state oversight in Atlantic City this week and that the DCA would not intervene in the layoffs. He also mailed an unsuccessful request to Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel on Tuesday, asking for him to try to lobby for a delay because “a true health and safety problem is in the process of being created.”

Earlier this week, O’Brien had floated the idea of appealing to the courts for an injunction to delay the layoffs. Asked why he never made any court filings, O’Brien declined to comment.

Meanwhile, members of the union representing city firefighters went door-to-door Wednesday advising residents of today’s layoffs and the effect they will have on fire response times.

“We’re going to be slower. There’s no doubt about that,” said Angelo DeMaio, the union’s president, who has remained quiet through negotiations with the city out of fear he might jeopardize his members, he says.

Michael Scott, the city’s business administrator, met with DCA officials Tuesday as part of the ongoing discussions with the state and the city. However, on Wednesday, he said nothing had been resolved.

“Everything hinges on the mayor’s meeting with the governor,” Scott said.

Asked if he was confident that something would be worked out cooperatively, Scott replied, “I’m prayerful.”

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The Press of Atlantic City has obtained a list of Atlantic City firefighters and police officers targeted for layoffs on Thursday.

Below are the names of the city employees and their annual salaries, according to the list. The savings the city is projecting to see for this year are far less than the total salaries coming off of the payroll because the majority of the salaries have already been paid throughout the previous nine months of 2010.


Ismail M. Abdussamad $58,741

Neil A. Anderson Jr $60,503

Gennaro M. Basso $60,503

Martin G. Basso $58,741

Dominic R. Berry $56,590

Bryan J. Berthold $61,090

Andrew J. Biscieglia $58,741

Steve Blair $58,741

Alex Cadavid $63,440

Vincent M. Carleo $58,741

Salvatore Cavalieri $61,090

Dennis T. Coaxum $58,741

Keith J. Coursey Jr $58,741

Stephen J. Duran $62,265

Thomas C. Flanagan III $63,440

Juan R. Flores $59,915

James Gillespie III $62,249

Robert D. Gragg $62,852

William J. Hamilton Jr $60,503

Joshua Hoag $58,741

Nicola M. Knox $64,709

Andrew S. Kyle $58,741

Broer D. Linblad IV $58,741

Andrew J. Lubaczewski $59,915

Jomo K. Lyles-Belton $95,203

Michael A. Mccabe $58,741

Ranon K. Mclaughlin $58,741

Sven A. Peltonen $61,684

Kyle L. Pollock $62,265

Latoya N. Watson $58,741

Total Firefighters $1,841,845

Police Officers

Ferdinand Berrios-Rodriquez $58,735

Michael E. Braxton $58,735

Joseph M. Caprio $64,021

Darrell J. Catanio $65,005

Marquay L. Cherry $64,021

Philip R. Davidson $58,735

Justin C. Draper $64,021

Kyle D. Eisenbeis $58,735

Victor Garofalo $58,557*

Alberto E. Gonzalez $62,259

Brian A. Hambrecht $66,955

Avette A. Harper $62,259

Amir S. Hughes $58,735

James M. Hurley $62,259

Christopher L. Inman $65,005

George A. King $58,735

Eugene A. Laielli $68,905

Kevin Law $62,846

Christopher L. Lodico $58,735

Darrin P. Lorady $64,021

Ann Martin $57,304*

Roberto Matos $58,735

Steven A. Melchiore $60,497

Natane A. Naylor $65,005

Marinela L. Pali $58,735

Joseph M. Procopio $62,259

Cecil J. Randall III $64,021

Dawn J. Riggs $68,905

Jose Rodriguez $53,600*

Daniel J. Roe $62,259

Rebecca Seabrook $61,372*

Michael S. Shafman $64,021

Syed A. Shah $61,084

Christopher D. Smith $70,855

Charles J. Stuart $62,259

Josh L. Vadell $65,005

Innocenzo J. Visceglia $65,005

Eric J. Wessler $62,259

Sterling Wheaten $64,021

Henry M. White III $64,021

*Salary figure is from 2009.

Total police $2,433,949

Total police and firefighters $4,275,794


  • Projected savings: $1.3 million
  • Police officers: 40
  • Firefighters: 30
  • Health and Human Services: 9
  • Licensing and Inspections: 9
  • Public Works: 3
  • Administration: 2
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