Michael Wrigley
Michael Wrigley, 49, of Egg Harbor Township Handout

Who: Michael Wrigley, 49, of Egg Harbor Township

Education: attended Burlington County College

Family: Married, with four children

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Company: Liberty Public Adjusters, with offices in Egg Harbor Township, Cherry Hill and Ambler, Pa.

Position: Co-owner with business partner Anthony Lawler, of Cherry Hill

Work: We represent home or business owners when there’s an insurance claim. We inspect damage and assess the claim, and present that to the insurance company. We ensure that the insurance companies pay what they should be paying based on the policy. We also manage the claims process.

We get paid a percentage of the claim, which varies according to the size of the claim from as low as 10 percent to as high as 30 percent. This comes out of what the property owner gets.

This past season, we had a client near Williamstown. A tree fell on their roof. The insurance company sent an adjuster, who looked at damage, took off the $1,000 deductible and wrote them a check for $800.

They called us and we evaluated the structural damage to the roof and interior from snow and water. We were able to obtain a settlement for about $14,000.

They’re not all like that, but we also just got a nice settlement for a Sea Isle City real estate office with a leaky skylight for more than $30,000.

Entry: I heard about the business from my partner, and it seemed great because you feel like you’re helping someone. Before this, I had 14 years with Verizon Wireless and did business sales and sales management.

Challenges: I spend most of my time explaining what we do. Also, I have to tell people sometimes that they don’t have coverage for their loss based on their policy.

Rewards: When I’m able to help someone who really doesn’t have the money to get the proper repairs done to their home, and if we didn’t get involved, they wouldn’t have the settlement to do it.

About me: I love football and baseball and play golf when I have time. My wife and I just took up bicycle riding on the Ocean City Boardwalk in the morning.

Business editor Kevin Post

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