An upcoming third season of the reality television show “Coast Guard Alaska” will feature an Egg Harbor Township High School graduate who, growing up, caused his parents some anxiety.

Nick Davenport, 27, a flight mechanic stationed in Kodiak, Alaska, is part of a search and rescue crew that will be featured on the Weather Channel show, which will return Nov. 28.

When he was younger, Davenport hated studying and was not a fan of school, according to his parents, who remembered the tortuous battles they would have on the subject.

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“When he graduated, I didn’t care if he walked with his class, I was just glad that he graduated,” said his mother, Terry Davenport, 56, of Corbin City.

After graduation, his parents gave him three choices — continue on to college, learn a trade or join the military, according to his father, Scott Davenport, 56, a union carpenter.

Nick Davenport chose the military. At first, he wanted to enlist in the Marines, but his mother feared the Marines would send her son into combat. Instead, his father encouraged him to look into the Coast Guard, telling the younger Davenport that when he took an aptitude test, he scored high enough to qualify for the Coast Guard.

The tactic not only worked in getting him interested in the Coast Guard, but joining seemed to motivate Nick Davenport in ways school never had, according to his parents. Davenport began to take an interest in aviation, and started studying to become a helicopter mechanic and later to gain a speciality in search and rescues.

“Once he found his niche, he went full force,” Terry Davenport said.

For Petty Officer 2nd Class Nick Davenport, being a part of the Coast Guard gave him a sense of adventure and exploration. Being a part of a search and rescue crew that works to help people in distress brought him a sense of accomplishment.

“When you pick somebody out of the water and save their life, it keeps you motivated,” he said.

On one of the search and rescue missions in “Coast Guard Alaska,” the team Davenport was part of helped rescue a man who went hunting for wild goat in the mountains but was stricken by a medical emergency. A guide who went with the man called the Coast Guard for help.

The pair was found 4,000 feet up on a mountain ridge, and using a 200 foot hoist, Davenport’s team flew the man, who had an internal heart defibrillator, to the hospital.

Davenport, who joined the Coast Guard in 2002 and started in the aviation program in 2006, said he enjoys the ruggedness of Alaska.

“It’s desolate, and it’s pretty far out in the middle of nowhere,” he said of Kodiak. “It’s a simple life.”

He also spent four years living in Cape Cod, Mass., where he married a fellow Coast Guard member. He and Kristin Davenport have a son, Dylan, 2.

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