Heavy traffic flows slowly through the Airport Circle in Egg Harbor Township at the end of November. 

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Egg Harbor Township police revised accident statistics Friday after previously releasing erroneous and conflicting data to Atlantic County and The Press of Atlantic City regarding crashes at the recently reconfigured Airport Circle.

Capt. Ray Davis said previous statistics omitted some accidents due to how they were classified in the department’s database. The data now reflect a 24 percent decrease in accidents at the circle in the past year.

“I physically looked at the accidents from 2012,” Davis said, adding he compared the accident reports to a map.

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Despite the reported decrease in accidents since the circle’s completion in November 2011, public furor over the intersection has persisted. Atlantic County announced Friday that it may partner with the South Jersey Transportation Authority to divert airport traffic away from the circle via two additional access roads.

The new data include accidents that took place within about 200 yards of the intersection of Delilah Road, Tilton Road and Amelia Earhart Boulevard.

Data now show 71 accidents and 12 injuries this year, as of Dec. 4. The busy intersection saw 93 accidents and 13 injuries for all of 2011.

The Press of Atlantic City previously obtained accident statistics “at or near” the Airport Circle since 2006. Egg Harbor Township’s police records office provided raw accident data organized by calendar year. That data showed a 44 percent increase in accidents, with 39 total this year as of Nov. 15.

The information was published in an article and editorial earlier this week.

Data provided by Atlantic County — also generated by township police — for “NAFEC Circle” showed the total number of accidents and injuries, but did not break the incidents down any further. The data was organized from October through October from 2007 through 2012. That data showed a 11 percent decrease, compared with the previous time period’s data, to a total of 56 accidents for October 2011 through October 2012.

Davis said there are difficulties inherent in coordinating information between three organizations, but added that the new data is accurate.

“The accurate and timely dissemination of information to the traveling public is of utmost importance to our agency,” he said in a written statement. “With this in mind, we are voluntarily furnishing this data and analysis in order to clear up any confusion that may exist.”

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