Township hosts independent filmmakers

Hamilton Township was approached in August 2011 about hosting an independent film.

Eric Felipe-Barkin, 28, and his co-writer T.A. Pemberton, 30, a native of Mays Landing, are developing a modern western, “The Only Genuine Wild West Show.” The two shot a short online video in the township Dec. 15 featuring a grownup Annie Oakley now using a wheelchair and living at her daughter’s house, finding a gun and shooting everything in sight, Felipe-Barkin said.

“The movie is about a classic American town,” he said. “Hamilton has suburban, rural and urban areas. It was real eye-opening. It feels like one of the most American towns I have ever seen.”

The crew shot during the weekend before Hurricane Sandy, but had to come back in December to shoot off the pyrotechnics, Felipe-Barkin said. The short, which is not a part of the movie, will soon be put on the company’s website

Felipe-Barkin said they hope to begin shooting in the summer of 2014, but it depends on casting.