7070 English Creek Road, Trevisan, Mary J., Thies, Claire to Thies, Nicholas J.; 7/13/2013. $187,500

134 Independence Trail, Vazquez, Wendy W. to Hager, Jeannette; 7/13/2013. $184,000

205 Steelmanville Road, Sierra Limited Partnership, Brindamour, Caoilin H. to CS&BD LLC; 7/13/2013. $790,000

Latest Video

228 Alder Ave., Renders, Lucas, Renders, Eileen to Henry, Mary; 7/13/2013. $248,000

103 Wharf Road, Doebley & Dad LLC, Doebley, Eugene to Kerrigan, Barbara; 7/13/2013. $285,454

102 San Carlos Court, Musialek, Benjamin, Musialek, Marie to Mehmood, Sajid, Mehmood, Nawazish; 7/17/2013. $240,000

6 Saratoga Road, Seabrook, Susan, Seabrook, Nicholas to Martire, Gerardo, Martire, Maria; 7/17/2013. $265,000

6544 Mill Road, Cowan, Joseph J., Cowan, Karen M. to Wilson, Ian M.; 7/17/2013. $198,000

603 St. Thomas Drive, Rawal, Rajesh, Rawal, Vandana to Bejaran, Juan E., Bejaran, Carolina Delcarmen; 7/17/2013. $130,000

7007 Black Horse Pike, Worton, Kit T, Worton, Rosemarie to Bush, Dina; 7/17/2013. $220,000

34 Stockton Lane, Bassey, Victor, Bassey, Bridget to Pandya, Vipul, Pandya, Sweta; 7/17/2013. $215,000

23 Lacosta Drive, Howresko, Gordon, Howresko, Patricia to Thompson, Shane; 7/17/2013. $235,000

201 Branch Hill Drive, Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Pincus, Justin; 7/18/2013. $269,900

26 Vella La Vella Lane, Spangler, Norman to Portnoy Builders LLC; 7/18/2013. $20,000

16 Marshall Drive, Bator, Francine Dedan, Bator, John to Janney, Scott, Janney, Rebecca Price; 7/19/2013. $395,000

37 Sunset Blvd., Defranco, Mary to Suez, Edmond, Suez Donna; 7/19/2013. $625,000

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