Egg Harbor Township

103 Daphne Road, Nguyen, Sang, Nguyen, Tri H. to Patel, Nikunj B.; 1/10/2014. $265,000

207 Harvard Road, Ho, Emily, Ho, Alvin M. to Melendez, Emilio J., Melendez, Carmen G.; 1/14/2014. $245,000

Latest Video

18 Pierce Road, Cuttler, Arlene, Rosen, Stephen, Rosen, Stanley to Higbee, George K., Higbee, Regina M.; 1/15/2014. $239,000

12 Plymouth Terrace, Souder, Christopher to Barreto, Jorge L.; 1/15/2014. $159,000

3034 Tremont Ave., Doebley & Dad LLC, Doebley, Eugene J. to Pendrak, Charles Noah; 1/15/2014. $249,900

249 Sea Pine Drive, Ryan Homes to Edwards, Michael C., Edwards, Jennifer L.; 1/15/2014. $272,170

96 Burnside Drive, Dattilo, Gino F., Dattilo, Janet R. to Young, Albert M., Young, Margaret; 1/17/2014. $220,000

Hamilton Township

4891 Bayberry Place, Almeida, Milton, Almeida, Kimberly Christy to Mattson, Erin, Jackson, Michael; 1/15/2014. $100,170

36 Chancellor Park Drive, Perkins, Jeffrey Lee, Perkins, Cadence Aislinn to Kirwin, James J.; 1/16/2014. $20,000

180 Pheasant Run Road, MacLean, Amy J., Wild, Amy J. to Robinson, Joseph M., Gasper, Emily C.; 1/16/2014. $285,000

5736 Third St., Koenke, Mary Frances Scherer, Koenke, Edmund to Mancuso, George, Mancuso, Elizabeth; 1/16/2014. $90,000

First Avenue and Belmont Avenue, Lem Realty, Feldman, Edward to New Jersey; 1/17/2014. $33,000

2621 Falcon Court, Kohl, Richard, Kohl, Richard P., Kohl, John G., Newman, Deborah A. to Rodriguez, Juan M.; 1/17/2014. $100,000

100 Northridge Drive, Lee, Andrew to Osorio, Juliana Gil, Osario, Cristian Cardona; 1/17/2014. $137,000


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