1 Princeton Ave., Garrett Charles E, Garrett Gilda T to Raphael John S, Schein Lynette J; 6/10/2013. $289,000

109 Branch Hill Drive, Paparone Homes Of Nj Inc to Lamkin David Scott, Chen Lamkin Kristen, Lamkin Kristen Chen; 6/10/2013. $255,000

5042 A Fernwood Ave., Ammoscato Roy, Ammoscato Maria to Gilmour Robert; 6/12/2013. $212,000

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7 Covered Bridge Court, Paparone Homes Of Nj Inc to Munizza Peter F, Munizza Laurie L; 6/12/2013. $252,900

32 Burnside Drive, Rizzo Leo J, Rizzo Anna D to Diorio Debbie; 6/12/2013. $222,000

8 Pinoak Drive, Hoch Rebecca A, Adam Lois G to Hoch Rebecca A, Hoch Neil; 6/12/2013. $99,000

33 Evergreen Ave., Mccaffrey Christian to Robinson Billy; 6/14/2013. $160,000

105 Cedar Ave., Bennet Barbara, Hanson Debra to Dubois Shelly L; 6/15/2013. $154,000

44 Allison Place, Rice Charles O, Rice Joanne M, Kautter William G, Kautter Phyllis A to Rawls William A, Rawls Maryann; 6/15/2013. $170,000

208 Crown Court, Goodwin Gregory J, Goodwin Kimbra L to Akhtar Shucky; 6/15/2013. $195,000

10 Providence Road, Gioello Joseph L to Ara Shameem; 6/15/2013. $188,000

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