Egg Harbor Township

5059 Tremont Ave., Ocean City Home Bank to Wojciechowski, Maciej; 1/2/2014. $100,000

217 Chesterbrook Road, Madigan, Michael, Madigan, Karen to Davila, Jose D. Leon, Leon, Melva E.; 1/3/2014. $212,000

Latest Video

12 Tulip Road, Mays, John J., Mays, Diane M. to McHale, Henry C., McHale, Janice; 1/3/2014. $236,250

129 Woodberry Drive, Wisniewski, Stephen C., Wisniewski, Kimberly A. to Burns, William, Burns, Kristina; 1/3/2014. $260,000

22 Country Cedar Lane, Bew, Mary C., Bahr, Laurie J., George W. Muro Liv Trust to Blumenfeld, Teresita R.; 1/6/2014. $90,500

279 Churchill Drive, Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Murphy, Hinton D., Murphy, Robin McArthur; 1/6/2014. $314,770

11 Covered Bridge Court, Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Meyer, Christopher, Meyer, Virginia; 1/6/2014. $258,535

7 Spring Lane, Ingram, Jean Herring to Howard, John W.; 1/6/2014. $200,000

210 Booker Ave., Weed, Raymond, Marquez, Lorianne to Uchillan, Ana V., Torres, Jessica I; 1/7/2014. $141,500

1454 Mays Landing-Somers Point Road, Lucca, Nuncio, Lucca, Dixie, Deleon, Dixie to Bent, Micheal G.; 1/7/2014. $235,000

6805 Delilah Ave., Leavy & Leavy, Leavy, David, Leavy, Janet to O'Donnell, Joseph E., Cohen, Jeffry; 1/7/2014. $950,000

103 Rainbow Trail, Amos, Dennis, Amos, Heather to Nocito Mario A, Nocito Christa Manda Grassi, Grassi Nocito Christa Manda; 1/8/2014. $250,000

1 Luis Drive, Hume, Brian, Hume, Lorraine to Marcasciano, Jason J., Marcasciano, Samantha E.; 1/8/2014. $215,000

222 Heather Croft, DC Advisors LLC, Capece, David to Tfc Properties LLC; 1/8/2014. $70,000

200 St. Georges Court, Nasevich, Michael E., Nasevich, Anne D. to Downes, James E., Downes, June; 1/8/2014. $435,000

27 Shoreline Road, Ryan Homes to Polisano, Robert W., Nicole Polisano Rev Trust; 1/9/2014. $313,775

145 Bluebell Drive, DR Horton Inc. to Scarles, Foteni; 1/9/2014. $260,000

1030 Old Zion Road, Starn, Wesley B., Ruth L. Starn Trust to Stevens, Craig A.; 1/9/2014. $232,000

1112 Bay Drive, Black, Richard W. to Huang, Cunping, Zhang, Yi; 1/9/2014. $245,000

502 Jefferson Ave., Maraldo, Jennifer L. to Hoffman, Sherry S.; 1/9/2014. $214,000

4000 Ocean Heights Ave., Weisgerber, Janice, John M. Mason Irrevocable Trust to Caputo, Samuel P.; 1/9/2014. $100,000

7 Scarlett Oak Circle, Harbor Custom Homes to Warren, Kyle D.; 1/9/2014. $90,000

161 Robert Best Road, Corey, Mark E., Corey, Krita A. to Saul, Bonnie J.; 1/9/2014. $91,350

3008 Cottonwood Ave., Novis, Evan to Abbas, Mohammod, Abbas, Nancy; 1/9/2014. $230,000

Hamilton Township

2201 Forest Lane, Baah, Andrew, Baah, Tina to Adkins, Margaret; 1/2/2014. $51,500

530 Clarkstown Road, Freddie Mac, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg PC to Cresta, Maria, Cresta, Michael A.; 1/6/2014. $189,900

2746 Mimosa Court Unit 41.5, Freddie Mac, Zucker Goldberg and Ackerman to Khalil, Walid W.; 1/7/2014. $68,500

13 Renaissance Drive, Ryan Homes to Martin, Omar H., Martin, Keir D.; 1/8/2014. $305,838

5 Mattise Drive, Ryan Homes to Espinoza, Hugo F., Rojas, Maria M., Espinoza, Bruno A.; 1/9/2014. $251,016

2012 Apache Trail, Hart, Evelyn M., Marquet, Louis J. to Lash, Daniel Leroy; 1/9/2014. $80,000

56 Abington Court, Chang, Richard, Chang, Kathleen M. to McNeal, Niambi A., McNeal, Karl L.; 1/9/2014. $285,000

729 Route 50, Cooker, Charles Robert to Nicholson, Roger; 1/9/2014. $80,000

406 Alpine Court, Napurano, John J., Napurano, Benjamin to Pecikonis, Francis X.; 1/9/2014. $48,000

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