Egg Harbor Township

207 Atlantic Ave., Cavileer, Ronald, Cavileer, Eleanor H. to Warner, Patricia, Warner, L. Scott; 3/10/2014. $75,000

23 Imperial Drive, Hogan, James, Hogan, Donna to Cusella, Nino, Cusella, Suzanne M.; 3/10/2014. $292,000

122 Briarcliff Drive, Martino, Christopher J., Martino, Nadine M. to Yecco, Christopher M.; 3/10/2014. $262,000

44 Shoreline Road, Ryan Homes to Corcoran, Brian, Corcoran, Stephanie; 3/11/2014. $284,195

148 Lees Lane, Skwire, Stephen, Skwire, Marilyn to Tobiasen, Andrew, Tobiasen, Katelyn K.; 3/13/2014. $265,000

409 Pine Ave., Mundell, Thomas J., Mundell, Cornelia H. to Wheaten, Bertina C.; 3/13/2014. $560,000

108 Greystone Drive, Patel, Bipinchandra B., Patel, Surekhabahen B. to Mistry, Jay, Mistry, Neha; 3/13/2014. $210,000

5 South Ave., Simons, Herbert to Wilson, Brian, Wilson, Tara; 3/13/2014. $132,500

120 Bonita Drive, Ruef, Christopher to McMahon, Laura L.; 3/14/2014. $204,500

226 Alder Ave., Speranze, Frank D. to Kopsho, Jeanette; 3/14/2014. $205,000

3035 Tremont Ave., Amoroso, Jayson G., Amoroso, Tammie to Cocozza, Jennifer; 3/14/2014. $156,000

Hamilton Township

501 Sun Pine Drive, Cifaloglio, Thomas H. to Castro, Marcos, Castro, Jill; 3/10/2014. $335,000

540 Halbert Ave., CN Construction LLC, Ciancaglini, Anthony to Fink, Joseph I., Cincotti, Pamela; 3/11/2014. $77,000

2606 Alamo Court, Durante, Alan to Lewkowitz, Sarah Jane; 3/11/2014. $105,000

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