3 Hideaway Lane, Dillon, William F., Dillon, Annamarie to Petrucelli, Dawn M.; 6/24/2013. $369,000

100 Jasmine Road, GS Realty Corp. to Fernmoor Homes at Crystal Lakes LLC; 6/24/2013. $60,000

208 Branch Hill Drive, Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Sicurella, Vincent, Sicurella, Lisa; 6/25/2013. $215,000

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267 London Court, Ward, Fraser Prescott Ward Trust to Shrom, Daniel F.; 6/26/2013. $95,500

161 Dunlin Lane, Matzel & Mumford at Egg Harbor LLC to Acefe, Jose Carlos; 6/26/2013. $222,000

34 Poplar Ave., Kaufman, Nechama to Baum, Justin T.; 6/27/2013. $148,000

27 Equestrian Road, Hyman, Juanita J. to Tran, Sarah, Tran, Brian; 6/27/2013. $283,000

141 Garnett Lane, Samuels, Janet M. to Magown, Scott, Magown, Carol Costa; 6/27/2013. $303,000

9 Jodel Lane, Dempsey, Beverly A. to Massaglia, Monica; 6/28/2013. $215,000

38 Atlas Lane, Fontanez, Ivan, Fontanez, Crystal to Marzano, Breanna; 6/28/2013. $132,500

221 Castle Pine Drive, Johnson, Marcus J., Johnson, Constance M. to Cerniglia, Salvatore, Cerniglia, Rosemarie; 6/29/2013. $495,000

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