16 Brandywine Court, Edwards Odin S, Edwards Mary C to Michalik Frank, Michalik Valeerat; 11/26/2012. $181,750

3426 Bargaintown Road, Kulzer Joanne G to Matthews Robert P, Matthews Debra A; 11/26/2012. $612,500

134 Bonita Drive, Scafiddi Nicole T, Kammer Michael M to Lacy Justin T; 11/26/2012. $189,900

Latest Video

24 Country Spruce Lane, Mills Kishia J, Lindo Michael to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; 11/27/2012. $141,821

24 Country Spruce Lane, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Mahoney Deborah I; 11/27/2012. $73,000

149 Thompsons Lane, Goodwin William, Goodwin Rosanne to Lamb Michele; 11/27/2012. $340,000

7 Country Birch Lane, Mahometa James W to Mazzone Paul C; 11/27/2012. $50,000

217 Castle Pine Drive, Devers Mary Ellen, Devers Patrick J to Nadle Elissa, Nadle Adam; 11/28/2012. $425,000

306 Sanderling Lane, Matzel & Mumford at Egg Harbor Llc to Khary Rajvelon, Khary Lathadevi; 11/28/2012. $204,900

233 Sea Pine Drive, Liu Bin Bin, Zuo Yu Jia to Glasser Tom, Dicino Maria; 11/30/2012. $245,000

15 Dorset Ave., Martin Patrick J, Martin Linda A to Gettings Timothy J, Gettings Elizabeth A; 11/30/2012. $150,000

103 Laure Ave., Tracton Jennifer K, Brenner Madeline to Mercedes Braulio J Maria; 11/30/2012. $136,000


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