7091 Black Horse Pike, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Bruno Vincent; 8/27/2012. $45,000

217 E Kennedy Drive, Choi Jaime T, Choi Glenn Minyoung to Evans Shawn, Evans Jill; 8/27/2012. $235,000

28 Country Birch Lane, Hasson Judith, Holody Judith to Flanagan Kevin P, Flanagan Deborah E; 8/28/2012. $70,000

Latest Video

238 Lily Road, Keane Peter J, Keane Linda Y to Giannetti Teresa M; 8/28/2012. $312,500

105 Briarcliff Drive, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Rolle Deborah D; 8/28/2012. $208,985

15 Carlton Court, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Gutierrez Jose, Gutierrez Elda R; 8/28/2012. $236,755

29 Brookside Drive, Pileggi Anthony, Pileggi Arlene to Vaccaro Guido, Vaccaro Amy; 8/29/2012. $152,000

16 Pebble Beach Drive, Todd William C, Todd Barbara G to Schreiber Bruce; 8/29/2012. $499,000

2319 English Creek Ave., Lafferty E Rae to Cunningham Michael T; 8/29/2012. $184,900

101 Daphne Road, Uecker Philip J, Uecker Kathleen L to Mohamed Abir, Omar Tarek; 8/29/2012. $279,900

211 Cordova Ave., Smith Warfield Caroline J to Lentini Catherine, Garman Anne; 8/30/2012. $179,000

219 Fruitwood Ave., Horton Donna, Camp Otto, Camp Rose to Nelson Michael F, Nelson Shelby L; 8/31/2012. $125,500

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