510 Zion Road, Nickles Fredrick P, Nickles Ruth I to Juliano Michael; 11/3/2012. $190,000

314 Spray Ave., Anderson Michael E, Anderson Chandra L to Trotman Tamika S; 11/3/2012. $165,900

30 Sugarberry Road, Patel Ritesh, Patel Vijay, Patel Saroj to Wyckoff Charles, Wyckoff Frances; 11/5/2012. $210,000

Latest Video

6 Fairfax Road, Baker Residential of Penn Llc to Soave Mark; 11/5/2012. $225,806

76 Marshall Drive, Langweiler Judith H to Fox Jamie; 11/5/2012. $280,000

514 Superior Road, Moller John J, Moller Heather Ann, Watson Heather Ann to Nattiel Tarus D, Nattiel Chantel M; 11/5/2012. $195,000

132 Briarcliff Drive, Baker Residential of Penn Llc to Charles Christopher M, Totoro Alisa A; 11/5/2012. $249,056

64 Heathercroft, Tompkins Mary E, Tompkins Elizabeth A to Derstine Daryl R; 11/7/2012. $65,000

203 E. Kennedy Drive, Wang Kui Hua to Halim Ahmed, Contreras Nelly; 11/7/2012. $230,000

310 Rutter Ave., Nadle Adam R to Waller Marie J; 11/8/2012. $208,500

20 Mountain Lane, Moore Magdalena, Duszynski Leszek, Duszynski Magdalena to Walczak Joanna, Walczak Jadwiga; 11/8/2012. $244,000

139 Bridle Path Drive, Constantine Robert J, Constantine Jacqueline M to Klunk James C; 11/9/2012. $215,000

201 Westwood Ave., Rodriguez Francisco J, Soleno Marlen to Sawaid Tia C Joiner, Joiner Sawaid Tia C, Sawaid Mufid; 11/9/2012. $344,000

101 Offshore Road, Schwartz Teresa, Sikora Deborah to Quigley Edward J, Quigley Margaret J; 11/9/2012. $283,000

96 Burnside Lane, Celia Norma to Dattilo Gino F, Dattilo Janet R; 11/9/2012. $205,000


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