Egg Harbor Township

191 Betsy Scull Drive, Juliana, James F. to Cardani, Joseph W., Cardani, Carly Dee; 4/8/2013. $274,500

112 Ontario Ave., Barr, Roger, Barr, Nicole to Biao, Pang Liang, Chen, Ying Chun; 4/9/2013. $215,000

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1095 Mays Landing-Somers Point Road, Riley, Corey to Stagliano, Derrick, Stagliano, Rachel; 4/9/2013. $275,000

119 Trudy Ave., Barry, Phyllis, Barry, Phyllis Thomas, Barry, Joseph to Deangelo, Danielle; 4/9/2013. $22,500

423 Delaware Ave., Simmons, Sarah L., Simmons, Andrew to Kuminka, Bryan S.; 4/9/2013. $120,000

93 Heather Croft, Brown, F. Sterling, Brown, S. Dawn to Chetan Patel LLC; 4/11/2013. $80,000

171 Adler Ave., Nickerson, Sue E. to Eckel, Richard W.; 4/11/2013. $190,000

7 Timberwood Drive, Fisher, James W., Fisher, Ellen P. to Griffiths, Joseph B.; 4/11/2013. $195,000

331 Blossom Circle, Szaniszlo, Bela, Szaniszlo, Gyorgyi to Prescott, Sherri Lyn, Prescott, Joshua Thomas; 4/11/2013. $230,000

48 B Oxford Village, Chey, Bernardo, Chey, Primtiva Vasquez to Sabatini, Linzi; 4/12/2013. $47,000


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