106 Beresford Drive, Stine, Augustus W., Stine, Matthew Gorman to McAnaney, Susan M.; 02/12/13. $259,000

19 Glen Aire Drive, Testa, Robert to Cantatore, Nicholas J., Cantatore, Cathy J.; 02/12/13. $264,000

49 Weeping Willow Circle, Campbell, Patricia to Geiger, David; 02/12/13. $200,000

Latest Video

19 Mount Vernon Ave., Spence, Mildred M., Hayden, Darlene to Jones, Helen T.; 02/12/13. $49,900

37 Poppy Road, McGrail, Joseph M., McGrail, Mary E. to Dimatteo, Albert J., Dimatteo, Margaret; 02/12/13. $244,000

111 Violet Drive, D.R. Horton Inc. NJ to Harnett, James J., Harnett, Paulette; 02/12/13. $282,975

265 London Court, Pessano, Cythia to Kawa, Izydor; 02/13/13. $75,000

102 Orchid Ave., Fernmoor Homes at Crystal Lakes LLC, Fernbach, Jeffrey to Sims, Jacqueline; 02/13/13. $226,880

331 Heather Croft, Rodriguez Sanchez, Walter I, Rodriguez, Yolanda to Beritsky, Stephanie, Miller, Robert Louis; 02/13/13. $58,000

6311 and 6313 Mill Road, Bennie Management Co to K & Contractors LLC; 02/13/13. $70,000

306 Fourth Ave., Saunderson, James, Saunderson, Dawn to Joseph, Angela A.; 02/13/13. $147,898

107 Briarcliff Drive, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Logan, Robert G.; 02/14/13. $222,635

13 Fairfax Road, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Ela, Emerald Faye, Cancio, Juan Paulo; 02/14/13. $245,935

1750 Mays Landing-Somers Point Road, Gieseler, Philip W., Gieseler, Deborah J. Nehmad to Pessano, Andrew D., Pessano, Susan; 02/14/13. $537,500

7 Fairfax Road, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Farkas, Scott A., Farkas, Julie; 02/14/13. $286,405

5 Allison Place, Gurt, Gertrude M. to Rawls, Jennifer R.; 02/14/13. $159,000

17 Fairfax Road, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Enriquez, Michael, Enriquez, Melzen; 02/15/13. $299,492


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