Egg Harbor Township

20 Poplar Ave., Cinderella Linda, Hendrickson Barbara A, Hendrickson Robert, Hendrickson Barbara Ann to Juniewicz Barbara Ann, Juniewicz Ronald C; 10/7/2013. $150,000

117 Independence Trail, Mason Curtis W, Mason Carla to Dapolito Matthew M; 10/7/2013. $167,500

Latest Video

4 Truman Ave., Oliveri Vanessa M, Oliveri John to Escourt Jordan A; 10/8/2013. $212,500

151 Dunlin Lane, Matzel & Mumford At Egg Harbor LLC, M&M Investments Lp, Matzel; Mumford Organization Inc to Cuadros Mario V, Rodriguez Maria V; 10/9/2013. $179,900

139 Dunlin Lane, Matzel & Mumford At Egg Harbor LLC, M&M Investments Lp, Matzel &Amp; Mumford Organization Inc to Mulcahy Darren, Mulcahy Michele; 10/9/2013. $176,900

5073 Tremont Ave., Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp to Rasal Saifur; 10/9/2013. $150,000

58 Windsor Ave., Britko Vicky D, Brogden Vicky L to Samuelsen Shari L; 10/10/2013. $145,000

21 Cottage Road, Obringer Kathryn, Motto Kathryn to Motto Eric, Motto Mania; 10/10/2013. $285,000

406 Rockbridge Court, Gorman Mark W, Gorman Brooke E. to Gorman Mark W; 10/10/2013. $145,426

7042 Black Horse Pike, Cannuscio Antonino, Cannuscio Mary Anne to Maxs Automotive LLC; 10/11/2013. $210,000

Hamilton Township

4912 Tulip Tree Place, Lee Candace M to Eagle Cove Inv LLC; 10/7/2013. $117,700

4503 Concord Place K85, Us Bank Tr Na, Srmof Reo 2011 1 Tr, Selene Finance Lp to Burrell Leonard Anthony; 10/8/2013. $75,000

2425 Cologne Ave., Tlr Iv LLC to Witmer Winifred, Witmer Vincent; 10/8/2013. $45,000

250 Regents Circle, Nuttall Christopher, Nuttall Lysee to Leighbody Glenn; 10/8/2013. $160,000

1552 Benjamin Franklin Court, Hull Bernard, Hull Ludmilla, Ingersoll Joanne T to Bresser Lisa S; 10/8/2013. $105,000

6902 Weymouth Road, Loder Marilyn, Loder Kelly, Loder Kenneth C, New Jersey State Of, Liberty Bell Bk, Target National Bk Target Visa, Silver Scott N to Capital Finance Co Of Delaware Valley Inc; 10/10/2013. $74,000

1546 Hamilton Court, Ward Philip J to St.anley David G; 10/10/2013. $118,000

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