101 Hospitality Drive, McCloy, John, McCloy, Elizabeth to Grahamslaw, Robert G., Grahamslaw, Joan M.; 6/17/2013. $872,500

300 Martin Luther King Ave., Watson, Zameenah Fuqua to Trans Global Land Co. LLC; 6/19/2013. $32,000

225 Heather Croft, Hill, Frances A., Hill, Lucille E., Hill, Lawrence to Schwemmer, Cheryl A., Schwemmer, Mark D.; 6/17/2013. $79,000

Latest Video

234 Heather Croft, Norton, Verna C. to Dicataldo, Susan; 6/17/2013. $79,000

307 Heather Croft, Marshall, Lillian to Mahany, Mena M.; 6/19/2013. $58,000

11 Malaron Circle, Diorio, Debra, Diorio, Charles to Davis, Edward W.; 6/19/2013. $177,500

215 Churchill Drive, Reinhardt, John, Reinhardt, Samanda to Anton, Andrew S., Anton, Maria; 6/20/2013. $250,000

215 Azalea Lane, Baltas, Joyce M. to Peng, Kani, Zhu, Chunlei; 6/21/2013. $215,000

146 Dunlin Lane, Matzel & Mumford Inc. to Shanderson, Laurie L.; 6/21/2013. $206,645

7044 Ridge Ave., Hamilton, Wiliam J., Hamilton, Jaime Lynne to Bird, Michael K.; 6/21/2013. $286,500

310 Elmwood Ave., Portnoy Builders LLC, Portnoy, Randy Lee, Mincer, Mark Daniel to Boileau, Nichole M.; 6/21/2013. $129,000

5065 Ridge Ave., Lam, Tony, Lam, Van to Vorobeva, Tatiana; 6/21/2013. $217,500

137 Dunlin Lane, Matzel & Mumford Inc. to Kerstetter, Edward P.; 6/21/2013. $179,900

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