There are many reasons Debbie Cesen, owner of Cloud 9 Day Spa in Risley Square in Galloway Township, takes pride in her business.

It has been a consistent success in spite of the recent recession and has a steady stream of clients who swear by its regular massages and facials. It's clean and well-kept, with a cozy and comforting aesthetic. And last, but certainly not least, it's a family business.

Since buying the spa from its previous owner in 2010, Debbie has worked closely with her husband, David, and their daughter, Hannah. Their help and support, she said, has been instrumental in the spa's success.

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"We live five minutes from (the spa)," Cesen said. "I see (Hannah) all the time. We work together all the time. It's just a good thing.

"My husband, he works full time at the Borgata, and the first thing he does is spin around and check out the spa, make sure things are nice."

Cloud 9 Day Spa provides a full suite of spa services at reasonable prices, with massages starting at $45 for 30 minutes and facials starting at $40.

Cesen, who worked at Cloud 9 for four years before buying it, said she made it her goal to maintain the good reputation the spa had built up since it opened in 2003.

This means not just providing good service, she said, but emphasizing her clients' comfort throughout the whole process.

"We strive that whenever anybody walks in the door, they walk out of here and say, 'I'm not going any place else,'" Cesen said. "Every single girl here, that's their mentality. From the minute eyes meet, it's, 'How are you? How can I help you? Let me walk you to the back.' There's such attention to detail as far as customer service goes."

Much of the staff has been with the spa since before Cesen took it over, putting the location in contrast with franchise spas, which Cesen said are often plagued by turnover. The staff's experience, Cesen said, was vital in allowing her to make a smooth transition from employee to owner.

Hannah, 20, began working at the spa as a receptionist when she was a teenager, and two years ago became a licensed massage therapist. She will soon return to school to earn her certification as an esthetician.

While some might scoff at working so closely with a parent, Hannah said she relishes it.

"We just have a great time whenever we work together; that's when I have the most fun whenever I'm in there," she said. "Any day that I'm here with my mom, which is most of the time, we have a good time, and it runs smoothly."

This closeness isn't just reserved for the blood-related members of the staff, but extends throughout, said esthetician Jean Bereheiko, who has worked at Cloud 9 for almost four years.

"I always thought it came down from the management, but it's the people that work here, too," Bereheiko said. "It's a small place, and that just doesn't work when you have somebody that's not that way. It's obvious when there's discord, but there's just not."

This holiday season, Cloud 9 is offering an enticing promotion: for every $100 worth of services purchased as a gift certificate, Cesen will throw in an additional $20.

"It's their favorite gift, and I mean that, it really is," Cesen said. "I know before I ever worked here, this was my favorite spot to go."

Cloud 9 Day Spa is at 319 E. Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway Township. For more information or to make an appointment, call 609-404-9095 or see

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