GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — An ordinance to limit terms for the township’s tax auditor position was tabled by township council Tuesday night after a lengthy discussion that included “what-ifs” that could impact future auditors and councils.

The township’s current tax auditor, Leon Costello, has held the position for more than 10 years. The ordinance would amend the township’s current tax code and impose a term limit of three consecutive years for any individual auditor or auditing firm.

During the meeting, council discussed the option of adopting the ordinance and extending Costello’s current contract so that the ordinance would go into effect once his term expired. Council members agreed that the ordinance on term limits was not a reflection of Costello’s work, but rather connected to financial aspects in the township’s business.

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“It’s always good to have a system of checks and balances when you’re dealing with finances, and that’s all this is,” Jim McElwee said.

The ordinance was tabled in a 5-2 vote with Councilmen Jim Gorman and McElwee voting against the measure.

Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola made a motion to table the ordinance during the meeting, stating that a committee should be formed to examine the ordinance. Coppola told council that having a change every few years would make sense.

“I am in favor of term limits, but I think we need to have a dialogue about this. I think this needs further consideration before moving forward. There are a lot of questions we need to ask and answer,” Coppola said.

Coppola said that in the last year, the township has made significant financial progress.

Councilman Brian Tyrrell said the township has not always followed Costello’s recommendations.

“These budgetary issues he’s consulting with us on don’t happen overnight. This takes a couple of years,” Tyrrell said.

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