Storyteller D.C. Stone says she knows she might never be as famous as her favorite author, Agatha Christie.

But now the Galloway Township resident will always be able to say, "Hi, my name is D.C. Stone, author of "Shadow of Darkness" and writing is my passion," which is really awesome, she said.

Stone, which is the author's pen name, recently won a contest sponsored by naming her to the 2013 list of "50 Great Writers You Should be Reading."

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"I'm really thrilled about it," Stone said. "It sort of validates me as a writer."

As one of the designated "50 Writers," Stone was sent an official seal for her book which she can use as a marketing tool.

To enter the contest, Stone had to submit an essay titled "Why I Write - My Writing Journey." In her essay, she told of her lifelong struggles and difficulties with dyslexia.

"All my life, I was called "the daydreamer" by my family, friends and teachers, especially my teachers. Not knowing at the time why I was having such a hard time understanding what I was reading in my text books, or what the teachers were trying to teach me, it took many years for me to find out the answer," Stone recounted.

And when she finally found the support and guidance she needed, the words started to pour from her heart and she found her passion for storytelling, she said.

She calls writing and publishing "Shadow of Darkness" one of the "biggest accomplishments of my life."

The book, which she wrote in 1995, was published about a year and half ago. She describes it as a supernatural murder mystery with a romance thread. Since then she has written two more books that are ready to be published and is working on a fourth.

"I still struggle every day, but I continue to write the stories that have been locked up inside of me for all of these years, trying to break free from my mind," Stone said in her essay.

Stone said she hopes that her own story becomes an inspiration to those who feel trapped because of whatever handicap they may have.

"Never give up on your dreams, because in the end, the struggle you endure to get there is worth it," Stone said.

The ordeal of writing was difficult, but now Stone said she has the satisfaction of saying, "I did this."

"Shadow of Darkness" is available at in both print and e-book editions.

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