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Garden plots available

The Galloway Township Community Garden still has a few beds available to rent.

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There are five standard 4-by-8-foot beds at $20 for the season, and four handicapped-accessible 2-by-6-foot beds at $10 for the season. The season runs March-October and winter gardening is available to those who will stay on for the following year. Some of the accessible beds are wheelchair height and some are standing height.

The community gardening concept is especially valuable for those who live in multi-family housing, those who are in developments that restrict gardening, and those who have lots with too much shade for vegetable gardening. The gardening experience includes special Master Gardeners Q and A sessions and workshops.

Contact Barbara Fiedler at 652-3700, ext. 209, or for an application if you are an interested Galloway resident.

Clean for a Cause set

Galloway Township Clean Communities is offering another new program: Clean for a Cause. This new program allows anyone to adopt a road and raise money for a favorite registered charity.

Prior to this announcement, businesses, for-profit organizations and individuals were not eligible to apply for a Clean Communities Mini-Grant, which have been available to nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations for more than 20 years.

Here is how it works: Any business, for-profit organization or individual can apply to participate. Just email to receive the necessary application, rules and regulations and safety guidelines. Choose Clean for a Cause from the checklist on the application and fill out the name of the registered charity that you would like the mini-grant check to go to. All checks will be sent directly to the charity. A list of eligible registered local charities will be sent with the application and program guide. Applications will then be reviewed and an appropriate township road will be named to be cleaned in the name of your chosen registered charity.

The guidelines and safety rules for the regular Adopt-A-Road program must be followed. You must agree to clean the road four to six times per year beginning from the time of an approved application, and attend at least one of two annual community cleanups.

Galloway G-TV moving to Comcast cable channel 97

Galloway Township recently was informed by Comcast that G-TV will be moved from cable channel 2 to cable channel 97 on Feb. 27.

In accordance with FCC regulations, Comcast is required to add a new broadcast channel, KJWP-2 of Wilmington, Del., to its channel lineups in the Philadelphia broadcast market, which includes Atlantic County. G-TV will remain on Comcast's basic video tier and will be distributed to all Comcast customers who currently enjoy G-TV on channel 2. All Township Council, Planning and Zoning Board meetings can be viewed live on channel 97 starting Feb. 27, and the bulletin board also will continue to run on G-TV 97. Bulletin board announcements can still be sent to or faxed to 609-652-1725.

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