The Dynamo Gymnastics Team of Galloway captured 11 titles and 90 medals at the State and Regional USAIGC Championships held May 24-26 at the Wildwood Convention Center. Morgan Lancaster, Ella Hayek, Alissa Taylor and Hailey Mastro won seven state titles, while teammates Allie Hudson, Emma Walsh and Kelsie Hartman won four regional titles. The Copper Team placed second at States and third at Regionals out of 12 teams.

Copper, ages 5-6

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Morgan Lancaster, first bars, first all around, second beam, third floor

Allie Hudson, second bars, third beam, third all around

Copper, age 7

Alissa Taylor, first bars, first beam, first all around, fourth vault

Ella Hayek, first vault, second bars, fourth all around

Mikayla Houseworth, second vault, second beam, second all around, fifth floor, fifth bars

Copper, age 8

Rylee Cooke, fourth beam, sixth vault, 12th all around

Copper, ages 9-10

Aiyanna Schisler, second vault, second bars, second all around, third floor, third beam

Katie Hansen, third bars, fourth vault, fourth all around, fifth beam

Bronze, ages 6-7

Alissa Taylor, second beam

Bronze, age 8

Hailey Mastro, first vault, third beam, third all around

Bronze, age 10

Emma Walsh, second bars, third vault, third all around

Aiyanna Schisler, second beam

Jolynn Price, second floor

Jayla McNamara, seventh bars, ninth floor

Bronze, ages 12-13

Odette Lopez, second beam, fourth all around

Silver, ages 13-14

Kelsie Hartman, third floor, third bars, third all around

Regional Championships

Copper, ages 5-6

Allie Hudson, first all around, second vault, third beam

Morgan Lancaster, second floor, third bars, third all around

Copper, ages 7-8

Alissa Taylor, fourth bars, fifth all around, ninth vault, ninth beam

Mikayla Houseworth, 10th beam, 12th vault, 13th all around

Ella Hayek, 18th all around

Copper, ages 9-10

Aiyanna Schisler, second beam, third bars, third all around, fourth vault, sixth floor

Katie Hansen, sixth vault, seventh bars, sixth all around, ninth beam

Bronze Division, ages 7-8

Alissa Taylor, third beam

Hailey Mastro, sixth vault, ninth all around

Bronze Division, age 10

Emma Walsh, first bars, fifth all around, ninth vault

Aiyanna Schisler, second beam

Jayla McNamara, third beam, 10th all around

Jolynn Price, ninth beam

Bronze, ages 12-13

Odette Lopez, third beam, 8th all around, ninth vault, ninth floor, 12th bars

Silver, ages 9-10

Cassey DeStefano, third bars, third all around

Silver, age 14

Kelsie Hartman, first vault, first all around, third beam

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