Galloway police responded to a 76-year-old man’s home for a noise complaint and found several weapons.

Officers went to the home of Benny Arcidiacono, of Pondview Court, at 7:58 p.m. Sunday for a noise complaint and knocked on the door. Arcidiacono opened the door holding a revolver in his hand, police said in a release.

The resident then fled back into his home and shut off the lights, police said. He then called 911 to explain his actions to the dispatcher but was told to come back outside without the weapon, police said.

Arcidiacono exited his house but police said he refused to follow commands given by the officers. He was tackled to the ground and secured, police said.

Officers obtained a search warrant and numerous firearms and knives were found in the residence, police said.

Arcidiacono was transported to Atlantic County jail on $15,000 cash bail, police said. He was charged with the noise complaint, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, making terroristic threats and obstruction.