232 S. Cologne Ave., Jill L. Fisher and Anthony J. Ricci to Deborah A. Schutz; 12/2/2011. $216,000

511 Weston Drive, Catherine Bennekemper and Ralph W. Bennekemper to Regina M. Calabrese; 12/2/2011. $212,500

124 Brewster Drive, James Kohler and Rachel Kohler to Steven A. Robertson and Deborah A. Richardson Robertson; 12/2/2011. $240,000

Latest Video

534 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Candace Stamelos and Perry Stamelos to Franco Rifici; 12/1/2011. $250,000

305 Spencer Lane, Kristopher T. Diemar and Melinda M. Diemar to Plyamen Velichkov and Diyana Velichkova; 12/2/2011. $329,000

449 Xanthus Ave., Abrarhusan N. Mansuri and Fhanila Mansuri to Brandy Smith; 12/2/2011. $144,000

558 Chatham Way, Gustave C. Repage and Marianne Repage to Henry Rzasa and Cheryl Rzasa; 11/28/2011. $165,000

73 Theresa Court Unit 73, Upendra Patel to Chandrankant Patel and Jayshriben Patel; 11/29/2011. $107,000

508 Seaview Ave., William Callahan and Sherry L. Callahan to Joseph Lupo and Noel Lupo; 11/30/2011. $600,000

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