431-A Second Ave., Anthony Laielli and Mary Laielli to Shawn M. McGinley and Judith A. McGinley; 10/28/2011. $272,000

1136 West White Horse Pike, Freddie Mac to Jared Mazarin; 10/28/2011. $90,500

216 E. Great Creek Road, Shelee R. McIlvaine to Steve Lioumis and Johanna Lioumis; 10/25/2011. $200,000

117 Ethan Lane, Lisa E. Miller and Marc B. Cotton to Dean R. Theuret and Lisa A. Theuret; 10/25/2011. $260,000

494 Damson Ave., Kumud Daru to Bhavesh A. Gajiwala and Rashmi B. Gajiwala; 10/26/2011. $185,000

520 Forestbrook Drive, Jerre Christine Pierce and Georgie Mae Chew and Stacey Jane Citta to David B. Wade and Irma A. Wade; 10/26/2011. $225,000

305 Poplar Ave., Mark Mallett and Patricia Mallett to Courtney D. Sneed; 10/27/2011. $167,500