Galloway Township

120 Justine Lane, Gaetano P. Giordano Builders LLC to Man, Kinh V., Man, Dip; 12/17/2013. $291,000

3 Greenwich Drive, CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust to Baehrle, Richard, Leroy-Baehrle, Michelle; 12/18/2013. $63,200

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11 Navajo Court, Shore Management Co. of Delaware Valley Inc. to Reid, Pierre; 12/18/2013. $77,000

421 Cresson Ave., Bonanni, Stephen J., Bonanni, Lynette M. to Rando, Carl L., Rando, Alexa N., Rando, Helen M.; 12/19/2013. $207,500

307 E. Arbutus Ave., Anderson, Luther G., Anderson, Briget to Donahue, Kimberly, Ryan, Michael; 12/19/2013. $110,000

81 Mattix Run, Tansey, Kevin L., Tansey, Cassie L. to DeDomenicis, Amanda; 12/20/2013. $91,500

108 Daphne Drive, Vuong, David H., Ha, Anh N., Vuong, Abram Minh to Cooney, Scott F., Luckenbill, Jessie A.; 12/20/2013. $339,000

141 Colonial Court, Kose, Guven to Ngo, Donald A., Keenan, Kelly A.; 12/20/2013. $71,500

614 S. Fourth Ave., Farrell, Gregory M., Conover, Stephanie to Rehman, Aneeb; 12/20/2013. $269,786


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