78 Theresa Court, Niranjan Patel and Bhakti Patel to Madhuben Patel and Pinkal Patel; 10/7/2011. $111,111

130 Iroquois Drive, Melanie H. Wilson to Francisco Lleras; 10/6/2011. $84,900

138 Concord Terrace, Thomas J. Reed and Belinda Reed to Ronald A. Krauss and Catherine M. Krauss; 10/6/2011. $130,000

403 Kingston Court, Ronald Sforza and Natalie Sforza to James McCoy and Marilynn McCoy; 10/5/2011. $300,000

324 Elton Lane, Michael C. DiLeo and Holly A. DiLeo to Rohit B. Surti and Jayshriben R. Surti; 10/5/2011. $265,111

452 Nectar Ave., Raymond D. Tartaglio and Judy Tartaglio and Raymond A. Tartaglio to Tiffany Deal-Aikens; 10/4/2011. $129,500

459 Spruce Ave., Martin Alberts and Emma Alberts to Michael Grace and Michelle Grace; 10/4/2011. $162,500

531 Weston Drive, Walter E. Corrigan and Antoinette C. Corrigan to Peter Forish and Sharon Forish; 10/3/2011. $269,000

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