448 Spruce Ave., Byrnes, John B., Haynes, Thomas C. to Byrnes, John B.; 4/22/2013. $110,000

370 S. Vienna Ave., Johnson, Jennifer L., Johnson, William M. to Galea, James J.; 4/22/2013. $186,500

522 S. First Ave., Bradley, Robert W. to Falivene, John; 4/23/2013. $68,500

Latest Video

300 Vine Ave., Donohoe, John to Carmona, Wilfredo; 4/23/2013. $230,900

109 S. Concord Terrace, Clark, Karen to Kilpatrick, Leroy, Kilpatrick, Era Mae; 4/23/2013. $215,900

456 Tulip Ave., Fannie Mae to Slusarz, Michael Stanley, Slusarz, Holly Lyn; 4/24/2013. $131,000

423 S. Pitney Road, Mascarin, Mary Louise, Szeman, Ronald R. to Mendonca, Michelle M.; 4/24/2013. $55,000

207 Egnor Drive, Parikh, Piyush, Parikh, Shobhna to Gervatoski, Diane; 4/25/2013. $237,900

1548 Detroit Ave., Redding Homes LLC, Redding, Mark to Stevens, William R., Stevens, Donna M.; 4/25/2013. $198,500

412 Jimmie Leeds Road, Sigma Investments Inc. to Mezane Investments Inc.; 4/25/2013. $75,000

822 Harlequin Drive, Kirst, Kenneth, Hirst, Carmen to Morley, Vernon, Morley, Mary; 4/26/2013. $470,000


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